Friday, April 8, 2011

7 quick takes....

1. My grandmother is at the Cleveland Clinic, she could use some prayers. Hopefully we will have answers soon - and hopefully they are answers we want to hear.

2. My new job is going FANTASTIC. I love it. I made the right choice and I have no doubts. I have just enough in the classroom time to get the teacher in me out but just enough out of class time to really enjoy the teacher part.

3. I am finally feeling better. Not 100% but almost there. I am sooo thankful. Justin took such great care of me and babied me, I was totally spoiled it made dying feeling sick easier.

4. The other big change in my life is the relocation and living with Justin. I didn't have any doubts about this but I worried about Buster and the commute. Buster is thriving in this environment. He loves it here and is doing so well with the routine. Thankful should be the title of this post because that is what I am filled with. And being with Justin is everything I'd hoped it would be.

5.  I signed up for E-mealz - it is fantastic. We haven't really followed it yet but it has great meals, simple plans and really is saving on our grocery bill. It is so nice knowing what we are fixing when. I am excited to start really implementing it into our routine daily.

6. I took this picture with Justin's new Nikon - Isn't he adorable?

7. Again, my goal for this weekend - CLEAN MY HOUSE and unpack. It needs it, desperately.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma :(...please keep me posted.

    Glad to hear everything else is going so well - to say I'm happy for you guys would be a huge understatement.

    LOVE the photo of Buster - and yes, he is adorable!