Friday, February 24, 2012


  • This week I have done horrible eating. I do believe I have ate everything under the sun. Not sure what is going on but I know I need to stop. NOW.
  • We have a good week other wise. Justin had some promising interviews for summer internships and possible jobs after graduation. 
  • Work was good this week, I got to experience my first have to call mom to come get the child for an ER visit.
  •  We are going home this weekend for my Dad's surprise 50th Birthday. I  am excited to see everyone!
  • It was 60 degrees today. I hate snow and winter. I am sooo thankful for a mild winter and warmer temps. It has been a HUGE blessing!
  • School is tiring me out. Justin is exhausted from his schedule and mine isn't much better. I am ready for a break. August can't come soon enough
    • -I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Story, Part One

I hadn't had the best luck with relationships prior to Justin. No one could live up to my (everyone told me) unrealistic expectations and no one swept me off my feet. I didn't want to settle....

My good friend Rebecca had this step cousin she wanted to set me up with. Now, she had tried once before setting me up - we both laugh about it now and can agree that that guy has serious issues - and it failed miserably. So I was skeptic to say the least. Her step cousins also worked with my brother and he confirmed he was a good guy . So one summer day I was sitting in the work parking lot waiting on my brother when he came up to talk to me. Now, I already knew that Rebecca was trying to set us up, I wasn't sure if he did or not - so I played it cool. We talked briefly and he headed on his way. I didn't tell Rebecca but I instantly had a school girl crush :) We unofficially talked via twitter for a few days prior to our big meet up, September 1, 2010. We are all HUGE WVU fans and love anything football so a group of us decided to meet to see a local sportscast with our head coach and WVU famous Sports Announcer Tony Caridi. You can read about that night here. 

That night, he made me laugh and I thought it he was cute but I wasn't sure how he felt about me.  Saturday, - September 4, 2010 was opening game. Justin just happened to show up at the same tailgate where I was and left with my brother to go to the game.... Yeah, that's right he left with my brother to go to the game. I rolled my eyes and told him if he wanted to hang out with me during the game to come and sit with me :) 4th quarter he come strolling down to hang out and walk me back to my car. It was a hot day and I parked on top of  a mountain it seemed. I was struggling getting back when Justin turned around and said to me "aren't you supposed to run a 5k should be able to keep up"... for some reason his smile and sarcasm won me over. I knew he was kidding and the way he smiled, as corny as it sounds, made me like him even more.

The following football game was an away game - I invited him and some other friends over to my aprt to watch and hang out. The game ended well and Justin stayed till 3am laying on the couch talking to me. I was on the love seat trying to keep my eyes open while he talked... I can't tell you a thing we talked about that night but I knew I loved every minute of it :)

We continue to hang out and do things together - but he was killing me. It had been days and weeks of hanging out together and he still hadn't kissed me. My best friend staged scenarios where it would HAVE to happen, still nothing. Nothing NOTHING. So on week 3 I decided to give it one more try - if he didn't kiss me I knew he wanted to be just friends and so we would be.  I ordered Chinese, put on True Blood and hoped for the best. Nothing had happened  so when I walked him to his Jeep I was still hopeful but prepared to go in the house and cry.  It started to sprinkle some warm rain right as he went in for the kiss. It was well worth it....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wedding & Life

Life has been hard the past few weeks. Justin and I are fine, nothing like that. Just a pretty big stress that isn't blog appropriate. We are moving along and things are ok, but we have been tired, stressed and anxious.  If you could would you keep us in your prayers?

Wedding plans are moving smoothly. Things are really coming together and we are pretty much under budget. Which excites my parents :) We have fun stuff left to do - order tuxes, my dress, register, pick out wedding bands, etc.

We have our DJ, venue, photographer, the food is almost done and the table rentals. I just can't wait to spend the rest of my life married to best friend.

Less than 6 months...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So goals for this year.. *Ignore the fact that it is February*

I am going to do monthly goals so maybe I will hold myself accountable.

 In the month of February I would like to..

1. Loose another 7.5lbs
2. Get our office cleaned out - Give away at minimum 3 bags of clothes
3. Blog every other day
4.  Get out the Save the Dates
5. Track every day, EVERYTHING, for the entire month. (excluding today)
6. Read  one new book