Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Sunday Morning

Well the countdown is less that ONE week. I am sure all of you are over reading about my giddy, super excitement but... well... tough. I am going to catch you up on randoms today, and hope to post everyday this week to help me remember everything. Lofty goals.

1. We got our bands yesterday, they had been on layaway for quite some time - and we picked them up. I also had to give them my engagement ring so they could sauter them together. I feel naked.  Justin didn't want fancy or diamonds in his (ummm, why not? was my question??) but I now have to guard his band until Saturday - not like I haven't been losing things left and right this week.

2. We also purchased this yesterday. So far so good :)

3. Does anyone else ever feel like they are eating sour cream when they eat Greek Yogurt? It is so stinkin' thick (I love it, don't get me wrong) but some times it is too thick. 

4. Today we are going to a place called Candy Land. We need candy for the candy bar and what better of  a spot than Candy Land. That is if we could ever get moving. 

5. I still need earrings for Saturday. I only work one day this week so I will be trying to find some ASAP. I don't usually wear earrings so I doubt they stay in the whole night, but I am going to try!

6. If you didn't know I AM soooo excited :) 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 nights.

Ten. 1-0. That's how many sleeps I have as a Miss. not a Mrs. - I can't believe it. Every day I get a little more excited, a little more happier and a little more in shock... Shock that I get to marry my best friend. The person I know that will be by my side no.matter.what!

Wedding plans are coming to a halt. Florist, DJs and caterers are making final calls to me and we are in full swing. 

I work this week and only Tuesday next week ( I work 4-10s, I have off every Monday). I am a sappy mess. I am so ready to start this new chapter in our book, but I am also very sappy and emotional. I swear I am keeping Kleenex's stock up.

Cake has finally been decided. First Song, I can't tell... but it is perfect. I have a few surprises for my soon to be hubs that I can't post - I have wedding stuff that I want to post too, but I can't post till after our day is complete.

I promises pictures soon after the wedding!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

18 days before the wedding

We have 18 days to go. 18. Excuse me while I have a bit of a panic attack. Over nothing and everything.

The to-do list is growing, my anxiety over the top and my excitement to marry my best friend, well it is over flowing. I can't wait.

Things are almost together, and the things that aren't are things I can't work on right now.

I have lots of friends (IRL and blogger) that are recently newlyweds and some of you that have been married for years. I am asking now for your last minute advice - what you wish you would have done different or wish someone would have told you.

Don't hold anything back - I would love to hear whatever advice you have.