Friday, January 31, 2014

The first gain is the hardest...

For the first time since I started trying to lose weight I have gained. Now, I am not surprised. I have been horrible this week :( I have had horrible PMS, cravings, feeling hungry and counting every single thing that went in my mouth (Insert That's what she said joke). I am not sure what happened this week to really set me off, but regardless it did. Now, before you think I am going back to my old ways - let me digress - I AM NOT. I was sad when I saw the gain, but I know it is part of this journey. I am not going to give up! I have one week left of my Diet Bet and I am going to win. I am tracking every single thing, upping my water intake and moving more! 

This past week was a fun week! We were snowed in, we stayed up late and watched movies. I made healthy snacks, but may not have stayed in my portion control. That is key for me. Watching my portions. For some reason I struggle with that. I have been an over eater for 10+ years now. It is going to change, but like everything, not over night.  Let's be honest though. There are no magic secrets, the basic principal to weight loss is simple. Eat less, move more.

Something so simple, is so hard for me (and others). But I am doing it. Even with minor hiccups. I am doing this. Take a minute and let me know how your week has been? Are you on track? Any tips for stopping the cravings and having more discipline? 

I wrote a little bit more about it on Skinny Meg today, if you want to check it out.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Super Bowl Snacks

I have a food problem, (duh, look at my weight) I love to entertain and cook for people. I have been scouring the internet trying to find low fat, delicious crowd pleasing recipes. I have been testing some out the last few weeks and I am happy to report the following recipes back to you. I loved them, Hubs loved them and anyone that tried them loved them!

Buffalo-Style Stuffed Celery Buffalo Style Stuffed Celery (Weight Watchers 1PP)

1/2 cup(s) low fat cream cheese, softened   
2 Tbsp blue cheese, softened 
1/2 tsp minced garlic   
1/4 tsp table salt 
5 rib(s) (large) uncooked celery, cut into 4 pieces each 
2 1/2 tsp hot pepper sauce, or to taste   
1 Tbsp chives, fresh, chopped (optional)   

  • In a small bowl, stir together cream cheese, blue cheese, garlic and salt until smooth; spoon about 1/2 tablespoon cheese mixture into each piece of celery.
  • To serve, arrange stuffed celery on a plate, drizzle each with about 1/4 teaspoon hot pepper sauce (or let guests add their own by serving the pepper sauce on the side). Sprinkle with chives if desired. Yields 2 pieces stuffed celery per serving.

Cauliflower Poppers Cauliflower Poppers (Weight Watchers 0 points)

1 spray cooking spray
1 head (medium) uncooked cauliflower
1/2 TSP chili powder (More to taste)
1/2 TSP table salt
1/2 TSP lack pepper

  • Preheat oven to 400°F. Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray.
  • Cut cauliflower florets into bite-sized pieces (there should be about 4 cups). Place cauliflower in a medium bowl and add cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper; toss well to coat.
  • Spread cauliflower on prepared baking sheet and bake until cauliflower is tender, but not mushy, stirring halfway through, about 10 minutes. Yields about 1/2 cup per serving.

Creamy Mexican Dip Creamy Mexican Dip (Weight Watchers 1 points per serving)

1 cup(s) plain fat free yogurt, Greek-variety recommended 
1 cup(s) plain fat free yogurt, Greek-variety recommended 
1/2 item(s) (medium) avocado, diced 
1/3 cup(s) cilantro, fresh, chopped   

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

25 things you didn't know about me....

Since a lot of you are new here I thought I'd tell you a little bit about me... Feel free to leave me tidbits about you in the comment section :)

  1. I love water. Ocean, baths, lake and rivers (I don't swim in the last two bc of snakes but I still love to be near them!). There is something calming about water to me.
  2. I have one younger brother 
  3. I turn 30 in August
  4. Justin and I became homeowners in September 2013
  5. I got married on 8-4-12. We had an outdoor wedding with a barn reception.
  6. I have two Boston Terrors :) They are loved, spoiled and very much a part of our family.
  7. I love trashy reality TV
  8. My husband is truly my greatest gift
  9. I get mad in 2 seconds flat and am usually over it with in 30 seconds. I have extreme emotions
  10. I have a sweet tooth
  11. I love traveling
  12. I love food, eating new things!
  13. When I was little I used to be pretend I was a mermaid... (the water obsession started early)
  14. Want to buy something? Call me first - I have a coupon!
  15. I can't wait to be a mother
  16. I debate getting a new car every single day ( I really love my Jeep though)
  17. Recently, I have the desire to move - I want land and room for our family. Our current house is our 5 year plan.
  18. I get annoyed when people don't shovel their sidewalks, driveways and steps. My husband created this annoyance lol - he is very methodical about our driveways and I love him for it!
  19. I want to go to Paris, Alaska and South Africa.
  20. I read blogs every single day.
  21. If  I start to read a book, I can't stop until it is finished. This is the reason I don't start books on weeknights.
  22. I take pride in giving good gifts and a I am horrible person to give a gift to. I don't have wants. 
  23. Music is meant to be played loud.
  24. I love old school rap
  25. I am blessed with far more than I ever deserve, but I am thankful for it all! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Where is my sunshine?! (totally random post)

I am a West Virginia born and raised girl. I am used to winters and snow. But the past two weeks has taken a toll on my sanity, lol. The roads are continuously bad, the snow keeps coming  and we just keep shoveling :)  (I wish I would have worn my Polar Watch yesterday, we helped shovel 3 neighbors and our driveway)

This is our interstate, currently... ( I did not take these pics, I got them from our road condition Facebook group, I am home safe and warm)

Justin and I enjoyed some movies this weekend, not going anywhere and doing house things. Justin got his man room in the basement organized and I worked some in the garage. We rarely have weekends were we have no where to be or any agenda so it was really nice just to do nothing! 

Weight Watchers was cancelled yesterday, and I am sure it will be cancelled today. I am weighing myself at home, I am still seeing a loss :) I will do an official weigh in on Skinny Meg's blog this week,Thursday. I had a few indulgences this weekend but overall did Ok. I will let the scale tell me how well later this week!

I hope you have a great Monday! My East Coast friends, stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the snow! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

My update on this week

For those of you who don't read Skinny Meg (not sure why anyone wouldn't) below is the update she posted yesterday (that I wrote) about how this past week has been. Let me recap, I am getting ready to start, my hormones cause me to need to eat, the scale isn't moving as much as I want it to and it so stinking cold here! Negative temperatures this week - The beach vacation in April is looking better and better. (76 days)

I am going grocery shopping tonight to get ready for the upcoming snow storm and just to get it over with. So later today I have to meal plan. If you have any go to meals, send them to me. Easy, yummy and low points please!

Have a safe and warm weekend!

My post :

Isn't it funny how things work out? I have been having inner turmoil about what to write this week. Before I got my email from Meg asking us to send it a scale/weigh in pic, I had debated sugar coating the last few days. But sugar coating doesn't help me or you, so the truth it is...

I have been nothing short of a hot mess the past few days. After my Weight Watcher's weigh in on Sunday I allowed myself my favorite fast food treat - Taco Bell. Now, I counted EVERYTHING and I wasn't over points - but those 29 points were not used in the healthiest way. Monday, I was a human garbage disposal. I was over 3 points. Tuesday when I got home early (snow dismissal) I had the munchies. I had a bowl of cereal and then a few tortilla chips. I didn't need those snacks and I could have used the points better. I am not sure what exactly is my issue but I have to stop with the useless snacking. (now, this may be TMI) I am getting ready to start  in 4 days, every month during this time I really have food struggles. I am not sure if it is really hormonal or all in my head, but the constant hunger pains around this time never fail. Any one else struggle with this?

I sat down to watch Biggest Loser Tuesday night. (It was Makeover Night). The tears started and never stopped. I could relate to something in everyone's story. Especially Marie. She went on the show to lose weight to start a family. Justin and I want to start a family, I owe my health to my unborn children, my husband and myself. I had to give myself a check. I have stayed in my points for the week. A loss is a loss. The scale is moving!  The weight isn't going to fall completely off in a few days. This is a struggle, every day isn't going to be perfect. But, the positive, I didn't fall off the wagon, I didn't go buy a bag of Snickers and wine (and eat them all in one setting). And for all of that I am proud of myself. 

I was excited to show you all that I have lost 9.6lbs in the past two weeks. My DietBet goal is 12. I am on track to do this and it is partly because of y'alls support! I can't get over how much being held accountable really does help motivate me and help me keep on track. Surprisingly blogging has been huge for me! I have started blogging every day and many of you have came over daily and offered support! I can't think you enough for that!! I wish weight loss was easier. I really do wish there was a magic pill that would take off the 100lbs I have to lose, give me a six pack and thighs that don't touch. It is much easier putting on the weight than taking it off. But taking it off feels so much better!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's HUMP DAY!!!!!!

Cover art
Happy Wednesday! We have been blessed with snow the past few days. Yesterday we closed work at 3 so I got to go home a little early, which was nice! I spent some time reading my new book, which I am 3 chapters in and pleasently surprised at how much I like it. I love Crystal's blog and get so many awesome tips/ideas for her! If you haven't checked it out, put it on your to-do list.

I of course watched Biggest Loser last night. Makeover week is my favorite!!! Did you watch? What did you think! Wasn't David a fox? I won't spoil it for anyone that didn't watch yet, but again put it on your to-do list!

I have got a few emails asking me what I have been cooking for dinner to keep me full and low in points. I am going to show you a few of my favorites! If you don't follow me on Pinterest, you should! I am a food posting junkie! Do you pin? If so leave your Pinterest name so I can follow you!

This is one of my go-to Crock Pot meals. It is yummy, full of flavor and low in points. And did I mention easy? --

                         WW - Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili

Weight Watchers - Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili

Another super simple, super yummy week nigh dinner. 

Weight Watchers Cheesy Spinach Shells 

Weight Watchers Cheese and Chicken Shells - Healthy Low Calories Recipes -
 And my last one for today - I was skeptical about this one, but it is actually pretty good! I used Garlic Hummus but I am sure you could use whatever you had on hand!

Hummus Crusted Chicken

What do you cook for dinner? What are some of your favorites? 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Madness

It's just another manic Monday... For the girl who doesn't work Mondays this one is going to be rough! (I am working today)

First, do you like the new design? I love it. I will be honest, it isn't something I thought I would have wanted but when Amber designed it and sent it back to me, I loved it! If you are looking for a blog face lift  go visit Amber. She was awesome to work with!!! ( I am not being paid, compensated or get any kickbacks for telling you this!)

Weigh in was yesterday, according the the official Weight Watcher's scale I am down 5.5lbs! I will take it. I started Diet Bet a few days before WW so my at home weight loss is greater, but I am taking every victory I can! 

I haven't re taken my measurements since the beginning of Diet Bet. I am excited to see how much those change. If you are doing a weight loss program, or trying to be healthy  - Do you reward yourself? Do you set up goals and allow yourself to get a treat when you accomplish them? (manicures, new shoes, a movie night...) If so tell me what works for you?

Diet Bet seems to be working for me now - I am thinking of joining another one when this one is over. If you have done another Diet Bet, how'd you chose it (Besides Skinny Megs)?

Have a great Monday! I hope your weekend was on track and your week starts off great!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekly Recap

This week was an emotional roller coaster - work was harder than normal, I worked extra hours, Justin had a lot going on, family illness... the list could go on and on!

But I DID NOT emotional eat! That is huge for me. Obviously, being over weight I have food, self control, emotional and other issues. Part of this journey is figuring out how to control all of these issues. I can figure out portion control, I can retrain my body to listen to the full feeling I honestly think the calorie/point counting is the easiest part of this. What is hard (to me) is trying to stop myself from going to get an ice cream because I had a bad day, 6 margaritas when I have a great day, a cookie because I feel blah... I have to get a check on my emotions and not let food rule my life. Not only am I excited to lose the weight, I am excited to become a better me.

Last night at dinner I made a mistake that I am still a little ticked about - I researched our restaurant and picked out the best choice for me. I ordered a Petite Fillet - what I was supposed to order was a Petit cut Fillet, the difference was 9 points, so I didn't get dessert. Not a huge deal but still annoying.

For the next two weeks I am going to use the Weight Watcher's Simply Fit Jump Start Menu guide. For two weeks I will follow the menu and see what happens. I am going to allow myself real cheese (you can have 7points a day) instead of Fat Free Cheese. Justin and I are going shopping today so tomorrow starts the  new menu.. Of course, I will keep you updated!

Tomorrow is official weigh in day. I am excited to see what the Weight Watcher's scale says. Again, I will keep you updated!

The blog is also getting a makeover this weekend, stay tuned! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Water... (All I can picture is Adam Sandler in Water Boy)

Truth! I aim for 12 8-oz glasses of water a day! H2O is our bodies' number ONE required nutrient, we are more than 60% water, intaking sufficient amounts of water cuts cravings, improves your overall muscular physique, and heightens your metabolism. Oh, and it massively improves digestion and ensures lubrication in all the *needed* areas of the body. Need I go on? Don't deny your bod of what it absolutely needs.

I have a love/hate relationship with water. I love to be in it - pools, oceans, bathtub... but I am not the biggest water drinker. I know how important water is for my health and the weight loss benefits of drinking water. My goal is to get around 100 ounces in a day. Now I know some reports (because of my weight) suggest I get a lot more but my goal for the next few weeks is 100 ounces.
Flat Belly Water :: Lemon / Cucumber / Mint / Ginger….plus the health benefits of each.To help the flavor of the water I have been doing the Flat Belly Water/Sassy Water .Have you tried it? If not it is just enough kick to make the water taste better and the ginger helps move things along ;) It really is refreshing and if you haven't tried you really should! Lemons, Mint, Ginger and Cucumbers, totally natural and totally healthy! 


I have found this pin that I love and have been using it the past few days to help me drink water and stay on top of it - and I have to say it is helping! 
Daily water intake 
It seems so much easier when it is in a smaller, more attainable goal - Like Weight Watchers and the weekly weigh ins.  I guess I get overwhelmed when things seem too much or too far out of reach. I can totally kick ass though when I look at things weekly! How are you doing this week? Any water tips? Do you get enough water?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My story...

the prize!

I have had a few people ask me for more of my story, what makes me want to lose the weight now? Honestly, even up until the last few weeks I wasn't sure I was going to be able to stick with this - I honestly thought to myself, I don't weigh that much. I can just go on with my life and we can try to have a baby and all will be well with the world. And I am not sure what snapped in me, I really do believe part of it was the Diet bet and really putting myself out there. This time, this time is different. I want to be healthy. I want to be thinner. I want to be the best me I can be! 

I have always been curvy, a little heavier than I should be, but never really obese (until the last few years).  In high school I was a size 14 (I am 5'8) and active. I wasn't unhappy with my body but I knew I could do better. But I never really cared enough to try.
Once I hit college I gained a few pounds but decided to do become more active. I joined a gym, watched what I ate and lost 25lbs. I was in a size 10/12 and really happy with myself. I am not sure why I ever quit working out or trying to be healthy but somewhere I fell off the wagon.

I can remember the day I hit 200lbs. I was embarrassed, but for some reason I didn't really care enough to diet.  Four years ago I decided to get healthy. I started Couch to 5k and Weight Watchers. I lost 40lbs, was active, healthy and very happy. Cue the love music, when I started taking care of myself and was happy - I met the love of my life. The Saturday before my first 5k I hung out with this boy (Justin, now husband)at a football game. We stayed up late talking that night and I never made it to my first race. While we dated I maintained my weight for the first few months, slowly though I stopped taking care of myself. We had many late night dates with greasy food, snuggling on the couch Sundays and we both stopped leading active lifestyles. It didn't seem to matter though, I was happier than I ever imagined possible.  I let myself go during the time we dated, but Justin never said a word.  He asked me to marry him in January 2012. You would think that that would be enough for me to want to lose weight... but it wasn't. We got married in August of that year and even though I wanted to be skinnier for my wedding I never tried to do anything to lose weight. We have been debating having children the last few months. But at 283lbs there is no way I can allow myself to get pregnant. I have to get myself healthier. Not only for me, but for my family, for my husband and my future children. Justin deserves the best me he can get, I want to give him that. I also want to give myself the best life I possibly can. I want to be healthy, stronger and able to walk around with out being tired all the time. 100+ extra pounds will make every day activities seem like a chore! I also really want to be a mother.  But I can not allow myself to get pregnant at this weight. It just isn't safe for me or the baby. So I am going to kick it into over drive. I turn 30 in August. I want to be close to being able to try for a baby. I want to be healthier, more fit and weigh a lot less in 2014.  

Fitness and diet wise - I am starting fresh.I am doing Weight Watchers and am going to break out the Jillian videos and elliptical in our basement. Currently, I am pretty much a couch potato so this will be tougher in the beginning. I actually enjoy running outside but with -20 degree weather, no way am I stepping outside my house unless I have to!

My support - Justin is going to count calories, so this will also be a huge support in my weight loss - he won't buy junk either. My mom is 100lbs down on Weight Watchers so she is a huge support system and a friend of mine is my accountability buddy - we are doing daily tacking on each other to encourage and help each other! I also have the Blog world. So many of you have stopped in to share your story and encourage me on this journey! I can't thank Meg enough for wanting to share my story - it is a huge part of my choices. I in no way want to share with you all that I lost the diet bet! 

I am just excited to finally be doing it!! 

you have to!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Recap...

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

Saturday Justin had to work for a bit so I relaxed Saturday morning, slept in and caught up on household stuff. After Justin got off work I met him at an outdoorsman event he wanted to go to and then we headed out for an hibachi date. Word to the wise - there is nothing healthy about hibachi lol :) I hate half and didn't bring the other half home. We headed to Lowe's and Kohl's afterwards to do some returning and start pricing blinds.  It wasn't a super exciting day, but we enjoyed being together and crossing some stuff off our to-do list.

Sunday, I went back to Weight Watchers. I was excited to be back in the meetings. (If you are on the fence or not about the meetings/online - Do the Meetings, you have someone holding you accountable, someone who is there week after week to encourage you! It really does help!)
So today begins the tracking. Are any of you on Weight Watchers online, we can be friends on WW :)

During the meeting, one of the ladies was talking about how Weight Watchers is a fresh start each week. You keep track of one week at a time, weigh in - reflect on what was good/bad and what you can improve on and then start over the following week! It is nice taking this one week at a time, small goals seem so much more attainable! Weight Watchers has started a new program called Simply Filling. On this program you don't have to count points - you just simply eat power foods and go from there. I am counting points this week but I may try the new plan in the next few weeks. Right now, I need to count points, watch portions and really monitor what I am eating. 

Today ( I work 4-10s and off Mondays) I am going to take the pups on a walk, it is beautiful here! I have to run to Kroger's, DMV and post office. Hopefully those errands won't take too long. Tonight The Husband and I are going to watch The Mountaineers (WVU) play Texas. We are going to eat at Panera and I am not going to get the most delicious roasted pecans at the basketball game - those are my weakness :)

How was your weekend? Did you make healthy choices? Did you start something new/different?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meal Planning....

I grocery shop once a week. I detest grocery shopping. Well it isn't the grocery shopping I hate, it is more the putting it away and spending a ton of money on food. Justin and I both like to eat good food. We both enjoy cooking. So any lifestyle change I am going to make, has to include cooking.

Each week I sit down (usually on Sunday) and Pinterest like it is my job. I have found some good recipes but we are slowly getting burnt out on them. We need easy, healthy, cost effective ideas. I get home around 6, Justin a few minutes before that; so we don't want to spend forever in the kitchen during the week.

These are a few of my meal ideas for next week. Do you have anything  you love and enjoy making? PLEASE Share :)

Monday we are eating out before a basketball game....

And in no particular order here are our dinners for the next week...

Chicken in Creamy Onion Sauce, Asparagus and Carrots

Chicken and Shells and a tossed salad
Image for Weight Watchers Cheese and Chicken Shells – Healthy Low Calories Recipes

These are def going to be dessert one night, they are one of my favorite treats...
Cookies and Cream Shake

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps with stir fried Veggies
Make It Tonight: Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps: Flash:I absolutely love this recipe for Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps. It makes the perfect crowd-pleasing appetizer for the weekend and the leftovers serve as a great light lunch during the week.The best part: You get the full-on flavor without the...

Skinny Turkey wraps with Baked Sweet Potatoes and Cottage Cheese
I use low carb/calorie wraps,turkey bacon, LF or Cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and FF Honey Mustard
Skinny Turkey Ranch Club Wrap. Solid thinking for lunches...

Any ideas on how to improve - I am open for suggestions! Ideas! Tips!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Today, I was smart. I packed my Progressive soup, Special K Crackers, Laughing Cow, water and fruit - ready for lunch and snacks... Then we were gifted Chick-fil-a for lunch. I was so excited not to see those crispy little nuggets on a tray - because those, those are my favorite. I did eat a wrap (no dressing) 340 calories, not horrible..... What is horrible is the chocolate chip cookie I ate - my goodness it was good and the 8oz of sweet tea. Now, I am not calling today a failure - actually it hasn't been bad. I am on track with my points and my dinner is pre-planned so I will be good there - my cheat of a cookie and tea didn't put me over. So I am feeling pretty well with my choices today.

In other news, I caught up on Biggest Loser last night. I wasn't sad about who went home this week. I just don't have the connection with that contest that I do with others... That show inspires me, I know I don't have the resources and time that the contestants have while they're on the show - but I love watching and and hearing the weight loss stories.
Marie Pearl Marie's story, well I totally relate. She started doing the Biggest Loser to lose weight to have a baby. One of my main reasons to start this weight loss journey again.  Do you watch? Who are you hoping is the Biggest Loser?

We are expecting warmer temperatures this weekend. Finally we are out of the negatives! We have to clean out our garage. Since we moved in our house in September our garage has been a catch all - a place where boxes of unorganized stuff goes to die. I am hoping to get a handle on it some of the chaos this weekend!

Weekends are usually harder for me to stay on track. We typically eat and snack on whatever we want. That will have to change this weekend! I will let you know how that goes!

Thanks for everyone that has stopped by or sent well wishes, your support and interest is exactly why I decided to sign up for this Challenge! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 1

If you are visiting from Skinny Meg's blog, welcome! Thanks for visiting! I am so excited to lose this weight once and for all!!

For those of you who are regulars, Hi Mom, let me recap what I am doing. I am participating in Skinny Meg's Diet Bet Challenge. I have until Feb 4th to lose 12lbs - that is 4% of my weight. If I do that I at least get my money back I invested with a chance of winning more! Weekly I will write into Meg, tell her what I am struggling with, how the changes are coming and let everyone know if I have lost any weight!

Blog wise - I am going to post daily, but I will do a weekly recap for Meg and post it here as well. I hope that you will stick around after the 4 weeks and watch as I completely transform :)

My goals for the next 4 weeks are simple -

Eat better
Eat less
Move more
Sit less

Sunday, the 12th I am joining Weight Watchers again. It works, if I do it. I am ready to do it. Exercise will be at home until it warms up, then I will start running again. I refuse to run when it is negative outside. I have an eliptical an Jillian videos that I will use until the weather warms up. I also o Yin Yoga every other Sunday evening - but that is more for relaxation :)  I am excited.

Last night as I was trying to find an outfit to wear for my pictures to send in to Meg, I was trying to find an outfit that showed how big I was, but still looked cute. I usually try to hide everything, wear Spanx and suck it in. It was very hard to take the pictures that I shared with her/you. But I want this to be an honest journey (yeah, I put lotion on my extra dry legs and painted my nails before I took them - I wanted to look some what decent). I am excited to share it!

So if you are reading this, let me know about you. Where can I read about your journey? What tips do you have for me? Any advice? Encouragement? I can't wait to hear from you.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It is ON!

I have made a commitment. Justin is on board. I am ready... I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!

I have been a long time follower of Skinny Meg. She keeps the weight loss stuff real and doesn't sugar coat it. Her love of helping others, helping herself and being healthy shines in each of her blog post. (If you aren't familiar with her story you need to check out her blog - she is a mother of a beautiful little girl, Twilight Sparkle, and expecting Baby Boy in a few short months, wife, work outside the home mom and has an amazing work out plan, dedication and makes great health choices. She has also lost a lot of weight and is in amazing shape! And she has did it all the healthy way and kept it up while being pregnant!) I have been debating joining her DietBet challenge but couldn't make myself commit.

Yesterday Meg posted this on her blog - My second DietBet starts tomorrow! You still have time to join and weigh in, but I'm also looking for a few people who need an extra push. I want to do a weekly tracking of your progress while doing the bet, you would need to submit before/after pictures and measurements to me by tomorrow. You would also need to be willing to share what you're doing to reach your goals and BE HONEST about how well you are keeping it up. I think it's great for others to see real women and how they achieve success. I'm looking for around 3 people so if you are interested please email me today at with a short blurb on WHY you want to be featured.

I knew it was now or never. I emailed her and continuously checked my email last night hoping to hear from her. This morning when Meg emailed me I was excited. For the first time in a long time I am excited to lose the weight. (not try, I am going to lose it!) So I am going to be posting pictures, of my current, progress and end. The diet bet goes till February 4th. I have to lose 4% of my weight. To say I am nervous is an understatement. I am going to be honest, share it all over the next almost month and hope that encouragement and support of my fellow bloggers keep me motivated. (and the support of my wonderful friends and family). But just maybe I could motivate someone else - I mean if I can do it, so can you!!

Tomorrow comes the pictures, measurements and all the goods! I am excited to start this journey! I am excited for you to help me :) I am excited to possibly help someone else!

Let's do this!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Tonight, for some reason, I can't fall asleep - so I started reading old blog post. It made me happy to have this outlet to look back on and read what was happening year(s) ago. Then I got sad - I have been horrible  at keeping up on blogging. Promises made to start blogging, failed attempts and trying to blog on an irregular bases have left me with months of nothing.  I am going to start posting more, or try. I have lots of fun stuff to update on - vacations, house, family and just life. But one of my favorite post is my year in review. So with no further blabbling from me.... Here is my 2013


  • We spent a lot of the month watching basketball games at the Coliseum
  • Justin was on off shifts for two weeks, I did not sleep
  • Justin's Grandma got to leave the nursing home facility and return home :)
    WVU Coliseum 

Pre Brantley Gilbert 
  • We decided to build a house - after a lot of house hunting
  • We celebrated my Dad's birthday (51st)
  • Our wedding invites were featured in WV Wedding Magazine
  • We went to see Brantley Gilbert
Weding Invites

Adult Spring Break looks so much different that college spring break
  • We kidnapped our two dear friends and headed on an adult Spring Break in Ormond Beach. We had the best time
  • I sat next to Bob Huggins during dinner. It was an awesome night - I totally creeped on my favorite coach! 
  • It will be a house sooner than later
  • Our house broke ground! We started building our house!!

Olive loves to play cards too
  • On our beach trip, our friends taught us Euchre - we spent many nights playing!
  • We spent many days/nights at Lowe's picking out stuff for our new house.
  • The NFL draft was huge for WVU fans this year!
  • Justin killed his first wild turkey - we used it to create an awesome Mother's Day feast
    Happy husband
  • Work was exhausting - Mother's Day Tea & Preschool Graduation
  • Mom and her babies
  • We spent more time at Lowe's & housing supply stores - it was a weekend tradition

Concert Happiness
  • We went to see Brad Paisley
  • I was Captain of the first family Relay for Life Team
  • I got to feed a giraffe at the zoo on a school field trip
  • Celebrated with a dear high school friend at her baby shower

  • We booked our tickets to St. Maarten (December trip)
  • Spent the 4th with our dear friends, BBQ, cards (more Euchre, and sunshine)
  • Parents came up and visited, visited Cooper's Rock with parents for first time
  • Hot dogs on the 4th
  • Spent a weekend with friends in Charleston, WV

Our Anniversary 

  • I turned 29
  • We moved in with our friends for 2 weeks while we waited to close on our home
  • My best friend moved to St. Maarten to start an incredible journey

  • We celebrated our first anniversary with a trip to Washington, PA - some shopping, yummy food and just a chance to be together
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving early with friends that wouldn't be in the States in November 
It is ours!!!! 

  • We are home owners!!!!
  • Unpacking, organizing, and sorting!

Let the fun begin... 

  • My husband's family lost an amazing father, uncle, friend and husband. Justin's uncle passed away unexpectedly and suddenly. It was extremely heartbreaking. 
  • The Reds made October baseball a little more bearable 
  • We had our first Halloween in the new house
  • More Football
    Brother and I football happy

My favorite coach
  • We sold Justin's jeep and bought an 4wheeler (quad)
  • Justin spent a lot of time in the woods
  • We spent an early Thanksgiving at his Mom's - with his grandparents and family
  • We spent Thanksgiving at my parents - Rob visited Parkersburg for the first time
  • We went shopping late Thanksgiving night 
  • I participated in Ladies Night with Bob Huggins 
Goodbye Wrangler
Hello quad

  • We went to St. Maarten - Oh my was it wonderful 
  • Justin had a birthday
  • We had friends over for NYE - we celebrated the end of a great year with board games, champagne, full bellies and laughter
Game Night Fun
  • I was off work from Dec 14 - Jan 2
  • Justin only worked two days during my break
  • Chritmas Feast
  • We spent Christmas with the our friends and family 
Island bliss

I am so thankful for my many blessings of 2013. I hope that you are at peace with 2013 and 2014 is everything you want it to be! Happy New Year!