Monday, January 27, 2014

Where is my sunshine?! (totally random post)

I am a West Virginia born and raised girl. I am used to winters and snow. But the past two weeks has taken a toll on my sanity, lol. The roads are continuously bad, the snow keeps coming  and we just keep shoveling :)  (I wish I would have worn my Polar Watch yesterday, we helped shovel 3 neighbors and our driveway)

This is our interstate, currently... ( I did not take these pics, I got them from our road condition Facebook group, I am home safe and warm)

Justin and I enjoyed some movies this weekend, not going anywhere and doing house things. Justin got his man room in the basement organized and I worked some in the garage. We rarely have weekends were we have no where to be or any agenda so it was really nice just to do nothing! 

Weight Watchers was cancelled yesterday, and I am sure it will be cancelled today. I am weighing myself at home, I am still seeing a loss :) I will do an official weigh in on Skinny Meg's blog this week,Thursday. I had a few indulgences this weekend but overall did Ok. I will let the scale tell me how well later this week!

I hope you have a great Monday! My East Coast friends, stay warm, stay safe and enjoy the snow! 

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