Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My story...

the prize!

I have had a few people ask me for more of my story, what makes me want to lose the weight now? Honestly, even up until the last few weeks I wasn't sure I was going to be able to stick with this - I honestly thought to myself, I don't weigh that much. I can just go on with my life and we can try to have a baby and all will be well with the world. And I am not sure what snapped in me, I really do believe part of it was the Diet bet and really putting myself out there. This time, this time is different. I want to be healthy. I want to be thinner. I want to be the best me I can be! 

I have always been curvy, a little heavier than I should be, but never really obese (until the last few years).  In high school I was a size 14 (I am 5'8) and active. I wasn't unhappy with my body but I knew I could do better. But I never really cared enough to try.
Once I hit college I gained a few pounds but decided to do become more active. I joined a gym, watched what I ate and lost 25lbs. I was in a size 10/12 and really happy with myself. I am not sure why I ever quit working out or trying to be healthy but somewhere I fell off the wagon.

I can remember the day I hit 200lbs. I was embarrassed, but for some reason I didn't really care enough to diet.  Four years ago I decided to get healthy. I started Couch to 5k and Weight Watchers. I lost 40lbs, was active, healthy and very happy. Cue the love music, when I started taking care of myself and was happy - I met the love of my life. The Saturday before my first 5k I hung out with this boy (Justin, now husband)at a football game. We stayed up late talking that night and I never made it to my first race. While we dated I maintained my weight for the first few months, slowly though I stopped taking care of myself. We had many late night dates with greasy food, snuggling on the couch Sundays and we both stopped leading active lifestyles. It didn't seem to matter though, I was happier than I ever imagined possible.  I let myself go during the time we dated, but Justin never said a word.  He asked me to marry him in January 2012. You would think that that would be enough for me to want to lose weight... but it wasn't. We got married in August of that year and even though I wanted to be skinnier for my wedding I never tried to do anything to lose weight. We have been debating having children the last few months. But at 283lbs there is no way I can allow myself to get pregnant. I have to get myself healthier. Not only for me, but for my family, for my husband and my future children. Justin deserves the best me he can get, I want to give him that. I also want to give myself the best life I possibly can. I want to be healthy, stronger and able to walk around with out being tired all the time. 100+ extra pounds will make every day activities seem like a chore! I also really want to be a mother.  But I can not allow myself to get pregnant at this weight. It just isn't safe for me or the baby. So I am going to kick it into over drive. I turn 30 in August. I want to be close to being able to try for a baby. I want to be healthier, more fit and weigh a lot less in 2014.  

Fitness and diet wise - I am starting fresh.I am doing Weight Watchers and am going to break out the Jillian videos and elliptical in our basement. Currently, I am pretty much a couch potato so this will be tougher in the beginning. I actually enjoy running outside but with -20 degree weather, no way am I stepping outside my house unless I have to!

My support - Justin is going to count calories, so this will also be a huge support in my weight loss - he won't buy junk either. My mom is 100lbs down on Weight Watchers so she is a huge support system and a friend of mine is my accountability buddy - we are doing daily tacking on each other to encourage and help each other! I also have the Blog world. So many of you have stopped in to share your story and encourage me on this journey! I can't thank Meg enough for wanting to share my story - it is a huge part of my choices. I in no way want to share with you all that I lost the diet bet! 

I am just excited to finally be doing it!! 

you have to!


  1. I found your blog through Skinny Meg....Our stories are very similar, I am 28 years old, got married in May of 2012, want/need to lose weight (would love to lose 30+lbs) before starting a family. Husband and I bought a treadmill Jan 1st and I have been doing the couch to 5k app. Trying to get in more cardio, eat better, and stay motivated! I am glad to have found your blog and will keep checking back to see your progess! Thanks for being so open sharing your story, struggles, accomplishments etc!

    1. Good luck on your weight loss journey! One of my favorite parts of sharing my journey is meeting women that are sharing similar issues! I love Couch to 5k! It was a great motivator for me and it really help shed the pounds. Keep me updated on your progress!

  2. Great Story! It seems like when we find our happily ever after we forget about our health . How was Couch 2 5k for you? I am starting it over for the 2nd time. I think I only made it to the 5/6 week last time. You def have a good support system behind you so you are going to knock those goals right out of the water !
    Sarah Renick good luck on you rCouch 2 5k!

    1. I loved C25K! You can do it this time! Sign up for a race the beginning of April that way you are guaranteed to finish it! Keep me posted on how it is going!!

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