Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Water... (All I can picture is Adam Sandler in Water Boy)

Truth! I aim for 12 8-oz glasses of water a day! H2O is our bodies' number ONE required nutrient, we are more than 60% water, intaking sufficient amounts of water cuts cravings, improves your overall muscular physique, and heightens your metabolism. Oh, and it massively improves digestion and ensures lubrication in all the *needed* areas of the body. Need I go on? Don't deny your bod of what it absolutely needs.

I have a love/hate relationship with water. I love to be in it - pools, oceans, bathtub... but I am not the biggest water drinker. I know how important water is for my health and the weight loss benefits of drinking water. My goal is to get around 100 ounces in a day. Now I know some reports (because of my weight) suggest I get a lot more but my goal for the next few weeks is 100 ounces.
Flat Belly Water :: Lemon / Cucumber / Mint / Ginger….plus the health benefits of each.To help the flavor of the water I have been doing the Flat Belly Water/Sassy Water .Have you tried it? If not it is just enough kick to make the water taste better and the ginger helps move things along ;) It really is refreshing and if you haven't tried you really should! Lemons, Mint, Ginger and Cucumbers, totally natural and totally healthy! 


I have found this pin that I love and have been using it the past few days to help me drink water and stay on top of it - and I have to say it is helping! 
Daily water intake 
It seems so much easier when it is in a smaller, more attainable goal - Like Weight Watchers and the weekly weigh ins.  I guess I get overwhelmed when things seem too much or too far out of reach. I can totally kick ass though when I look at things weekly! How are you doing this week? Any water tips? Do you get enough water?


  1. How did you do on your water intake this week?

    1. I didn't do as well! But better than I used to be :) How was your week?

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