Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekly Recap

This week was an emotional roller coaster - work was harder than normal, I worked extra hours, Justin had a lot going on, family illness... the list could go on and on!

But I DID NOT emotional eat! That is huge for me. Obviously, being over weight I have food, self control, emotional and other issues. Part of this journey is figuring out how to control all of these issues. I can figure out portion control, I can retrain my body to listen to the full feeling I honestly think the calorie/point counting is the easiest part of this. What is hard (to me) is trying to stop myself from going to get an ice cream because I had a bad day, 6 margaritas when I have a great day, a cookie because I feel blah... I have to get a check on my emotions and not let food rule my life. Not only am I excited to lose the weight, I am excited to become a better me.

Last night at dinner I made a mistake that I am still a little ticked about - I researched our restaurant and picked out the best choice for me. I ordered a Petite Fillet - what I was supposed to order was a Petit cut Fillet, the difference was 9 points, so I didn't get dessert. Not a huge deal but still annoying.

For the next two weeks I am going to use the Weight Watcher's Simply Fit Jump Start Menu guide. For two weeks I will follow the menu and see what happens. I am going to allow myself real cheese (you can have 7points a day) instead of Fat Free Cheese. Justin and I are going shopping today so tomorrow starts the  new menu.. Of course, I will keep you updated!

Tomorrow is official weigh in day. I am excited to see what the Weight Watcher's scale says. Again, I will keep you updated!

The blog is also getting a makeover this weekend, stay tuned! Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that quote ! I too went out to eat this weekend and screwed up. I went to the mall and got a chick fil a kids meal with fruit. I was so proud of myself but I think within an hour i was starving again . i was like UGHHH am i going to be fat forever ! THEN on top of that there were these sweet sweet little girls in the mall selling GIRL SCOUT cookies. My friends bought 4 boxes. And let me tell you i am weak. I ate almost the whole box of Samoas.. :(

    1. Girl Scout Cookies are the worst. At least you didn't eat the whole box! I would have ate the whole box plus started on box #2. Eating out is sooo hard! Don't beat yourself up over the weekend, start fresh today! You've got this!!!

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