Sunday, August 26, 2012


I have been debating buying this to help clean our home for sometime now - but with the wedding and grad schools are budget is tight and the initial investment of Shaklee scares me because I have never tried it! A wonderful woman Kriss who I know through internet land has started to sell it. And she is having a giveaway!! Go visit her - read her blog and story (She has 3 amazing kiddos through adoption)... If you have tried any Shaklee product, let me know - I am interested in hearing what you have to say!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Sunday Morning

Well the countdown is less that ONE week. I am sure all of you are over reading about my giddy, super excitement but... well... tough. I am going to catch you up on randoms today, and hope to post everyday this week to help me remember everything. Lofty goals.

1. We got our bands yesterday, they had been on layaway for quite some time - and we picked them up. I also had to give them my engagement ring so they could sauter them together. I feel naked.  Justin didn't want fancy or diamonds in his (ummm, why not? was my question??) but I now have to guard his band until Saturday - not like I haven't been losing things left and right this week.

2. We also purchased this yesterday. So far so good :)

3. Does anyone else ever feel like they are eating sour cream when they eat Greek Yogurt? It is so stinkin' thick (I love it, don't get me wrong) but some times it is too thick. 

4. Today we are going to a place called Candy Land. We need candy for the candy bar and what better of  a spot than Candy Land. That is if we could ever get moving. 

5. I still need earrings for Saturday. I only work one day this week so I will be trying to find some ASAP. I don't usually wear earrings so I doubt they stay in the whole night, but I am going to try!

6. If you didn't know I AM soooo excited :) 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 nights.

Ten. 1-0. That's how many sleeps I have as a Miss. not a Mrs. - I can't believe it. Every day I get a little more excited, a little more happier and a little more in shock... Shock that I get to marry my best friend. The person I know that will be by my side no.matter.what!

Wedding plans are coming to a halt. Florist, DJs and caterers are making final calls to me and we are in full swing. 

I work this week and only Tuesday next week ( I work 4-10s, I have off every Monday). I am a sappy mess. I am so ready to start this new chapter in our book, but I am also very sappy and emotional. I swear I am keeping Kleenex's stock up.

Cake has finally been decided. First Song, I can't tell... but it is perfect. I have a few surprises for my soon to be hubs that I can't post - I have wedding stuff that I want to post too, but I can't post till after our day is complete.

I promises pictures soon after the wedding!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

18 days before the wedding

We have 18 days to go. 18. Excuse me while I have a bit of a panic attack. Over nothing and everything.

The to-do list is growing, my anxiety over the top and my excitement to marry my best friend, well it is over flowing. I can't wait.

Things are almost together, and the things that aren't are things I can't work on right now.

I have lots of friends (IRL and blogger) that are recently newlyweds and some of you that have been married for years. I am asking now for your last minute advice - what you wish you would have done different or wish someone would have told you.

Don't hold anything back - I would love to hear whatever advice you have.

Friday, June 29, 2012



1. My goodness is it HOT!!! If i is going to be this hot, I need to be in our pool, cold drink in hand floating. Not sitting in my temperature rising office.

 2.  Tomorrow we are going to see these folks.It is supposed to be 90+ degrees so the SUN tour is right. I am sure I will not be posting pictures of my sweaty, smelly self after the concert. But none the less we will have fun with our friends and two other couples.
3. My 2nd bridal shower is Sunday. I am so stinking excited - I love seeing people who are happy for us and help us celebrate! We are going to eat good food, drink good drinks and just celebrate. And, not that is about presents, because IT IS NOT. But I stalk my registry. I may have an obsession!

4. Our invites went out this week. I absolutely loved them. Not bragging but I think they turned out perfect - for us! And a little PSA - if you get invited to an event and someone even puts postage on the RSVP card for you -- RETURN IN :) My OCD seating chart needs them back. We already have had people RSVP and that makes me super excited. I am excited to share our day with our loved ones.

5. 5 weeks away, folks. 5 weeks away from marrying my best bud. 

6. We go get my dress Monday, it is bustled and ready for my butt to get in it. I may not take it off Monday :) Well I will, because I want it to be a surprise, but I can't wait to wear it.

7. I am not sure if being this happy is normal. But I am. Be prepared for lots more wedding jabber because it is all.I.Think.About :)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Awesome giveaway - <a border="0" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a>

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


October will be here before I know it - I figured I might as well do a once over of the list!!

Thanks to Molly I have decided to do my own 101 Things...

The mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The criteria: The tasks must be specific (no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined.

Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (represent some amount of effort on your part).
Start Date: January 5, 2010

End Date: October 2, 2012

BOLD - completed

Italics - In progress


1. Get Engaged 1/2/12
2. GM - 8/4/12
3. Surprise Justin (big or small) 5 times (breakfast in bed)

4. Talk to my Grandparents every week for a year... I lost two of my grandparents this year. I have one left and I am trying to make the most of our time together!

5. Send cards to a family or friend 2x’s a month ( any member, can NOT be repeats)

6. Do something outdoorsy with Justin (built a snowman 1/30/10, picked Ramps, took a hike on BHill)

7. Visit my grandparents every 6 weeks or sooner (1/22/11, 2/11/11)

8. Take lots and lots of pictures

9. Make sure my mother knows how much she means to me

10. Do something with just my brother. Picked him up from the airport, lunch with him and my parents...

11. Visit with my parents at least every 8 weeks - so far pretty good, GOING WELL 


12. Try 5 new restaurants (pizza place in deep creek, Noah's Market, Beach Bucket, Peaches, Taco Shack, place for Justin's birthday in Ormond, Doughnut Shop in Ormond)

13. Give a waiter 50% tip

14. Pay for the family behind me in a drive-thru

15. Eat an oyster

16. Try 50 new recipes (enchiladas 1/19/2011, harvest pancakes & stuffed peppers1/30/11, Sausage Dip (Superbowl) Home made Chicken Tenders (2/15/11) PDub Chicken Spag (2-23-11)) Honey Mustard Chicken, Portabella mushroom sandwiches, 

17. Bring dinner to a friend

18. Have a fondue party

19. Eat at Paula Deans

20. Make bread from scratch

21. Eat no fast food or frozen food for one week

22. Drink 8 glasses of water daily for a month

23. Make Justin 5 dinners of his request (hash brown casserole, mushroom sandwiches)

24. Make Justin 5 breakfasts of his request (omelets, breakfast buritos)

25. Try 5 new foods (German Buffet, The Inn, German food at diner in mall)

26. Try Thai food

27. Go to a restaurant and eat alone

28. Make a whole meal from a cooking show


29. Go somewhere tropical

30. Have a girlcation

31. Spend a weekend away with Justin (Charleston, SC)

32. Random weekend getaway

33. See the Reds play

34. Go to the beach (two weeks in FL)

35. Go to NFL game

36. Fly somewhere honey moon

37. Go to a state I have never been

38. Plan a honeymoon

39. Go to Washington DC

40. Go camping

41. Go to a ski resort

42. Sleigh Ride

43. Go to Vegas

44. Go to Nashvegas
45. Go to 1 away football game (WVU) - Bowl Game, Orange Bowl

46. Go on a wine tasting


47. Get my weight to my goal.

48. Run in 3 5k’s

49. Workout 3 days a week for 3 months

50. Take a Pilates course

51. Try a spin course

52. Do 3 straight months of water running


53. Meet a new blogger friend

54. Blog every week of the new year

55. Do a craft project (wreath)

56. Re-vamp my blog (made my my own header)


57. Donate my hair to Locks of Love

58. Read 10 new books (Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, Jaycee Duggar, Shopaholic Mini, Mama Does Time, Hurricane in Paradise, (3) Shades of Grey)

59. Get a teaching job (Headstart)

60. Learn to sew

61. Get rid of all unworn clothes

62. Play the lotto 5 times (scratch off's R-County, Scratch off Charlie's)

63. No Facebook or Twitter for an entire weekend.

64. Go back to dark hair 2/17/11

65. Get my brows tinted

66. Have false eyelashes put on

67. Get a manicure weekly for a month

68. Do 5 random acts of kindness

69. Make out at a drive-inn

70. See a bear

71. See a Panda Bear

72. Go to NYC

73. Move, I did with Justin

74. Go on a date every weekend for a month

75. Swim with dolphins

76. Be on time for work every day for a month

77. Buy Justin 3 just because presents (snoopy christmas stuff, camo cup, charlie brown)

78. Send my two girl cousins flowers, just because

79. Go visit my friends in Huntington and Columbus South Carolina.

80. Eat at a Food Network place (Diner’s Drive-inns and Dives or something like that)

81. Learn to make a killer cocktail

82. Learn to make soft cookies

83. Take Buster on a walk at least 3 times a week for 2 months straight

84. Try 5 new beers  (3 at Brewery)

85. Babysit so my married friends can have a night out

86. Get dressed up to have a candle dinner at home

87. Go to Cooper’s Rock

88. Ice Skate

89. Ride a horse

90. Graduate Grad School

91. See 30 new movies (Dear John, Get him to the Greek, Hot Tub Time Machine, Couple's Retreat, Grown Ups, Play the Game, Social Network, Twighlight, Andy Griffith Movie, Dinner for Schmucks,)

92. Volunteer 50 hours of my time (Thanksgiving Giveaway, Angel Tree, Christmas Giveaway, 10 hours, Timmy's Fund, Relay)

93. Spend that afternoon reading in a coffee shop

94. Buy NOTHING for two weeks (besides gas)

95. Save 10% of my income

96. Join a book club

97. Wear my cowboy boots with a dress

98. Donate 5 bags of clothes

99. Find 5 awesome things at a yard/estate/tag sale - couch, camp stove, wedding stuff, 

100. Be a big sister

101. Inspire someone else to do a 101 list….

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Things are going OK and life is busy. Nothing seems off but everything seems so hectic and life isn't slowing down. I am pretty sure all the extras and stress of life I am in a funk. I know it sounds silly because life is going so well, but I am just not feeling 100% like myself. Never mind that my period cycles are so screwy and I think I should be starting any day now - that stress and hormonal craziness. Running is going Ok, we are not going every other night like I'd hope for but we are going. And for some reason this time, I am hating the thought of going. I used to love my run nights. Crave them. This time, I cry, kick and scream before heading outside. Poor Justin. I am not sure what is going on.

I am sure that in a few weeks things will get back to normal, and I can't wait. I am just wondering and making sure I am not alone in getting funks?

Thursday, May 17, 2012


It is absolutely gorgeous outside today. It is the perfect spring day and I am stuck inside my office until 6. So is life!

We are slowly getting settled into our new house. All is well there! We love being close to work, school and our friends! We do, however, miss Justin's grandparents!

Wedding stuff is coming along rather nicely! I think we found our table numbers today! I am very excited and ready to marry my love! 2 months and 2 weeks away! I can't wait :) My dress is in, we will go to pick it up Monday! I would love to share a picture, but can't until after the big day! Flowers are picked out, dress is bought, tuxes done, food has been tested (oh my is it yummy!), table decor and lines picked - everything is done... I think.

I need to look into a portable microphone system and talk to a minster still.  And the portable AC units are causing me some grief so we will see what happens.

Justin officially signed his letter of employment - he has an official full time job. We are just waiting for the start date. We are figuring sometime next week!

My job is is still going well and I am really excited about the possibilities of some stuff in the future!

We spent a great Mother's Day with my mom, dad, grandpa, brother and Justin and I. Everyone came to our house and we just enjoyed being together. It was simple and low key! I made these and they turned out perfect! I was so excited to use my new Kitchen Aid Mixer :) (I love it BTW)

We are looking forward to a busy Saturday but relaxing Sunday filled with SUNSHINE!!! I can't believe May is almost over!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I want to give up....

Tonight we did our C25k week 2 day 1.  I have never wanted to quit so badly as I did tonight. It sucked. I am slower than I was the last time I completed this program. I have more aches and more pains and just more fat to carry around.

I know I can't give up. I won't give up this time either. But today as I was running I started to think about all the reasons I wanted to lose weight.... and let's be honest they are the most important things in my life.

  1. Justin - he deserves a healthy wife and someone who can do physical activity - we deserve health and happiness together
  2. My own health - I want a long and happy life
  3. For my family - they want me happy and healthy
  4. And for our kids. I want kids. I can't wait to embark on parenthood with Justin but I refuse to do it until I lose a lot of weight and become healthier - sidenote, it will be over a year before we even think of trying but it will take me over a year to be healthy!
I am struggling right now with the willpower to keep going. And if it wasn't for Justin tonight, I would have been all caught up on Real Housewives.... 

I know this feeling of giving up will pass, and in a few more runs I will have my enthusiasm back - I do have to admit, I feel great after tonight's run and I know that I want to keep doing this. I want healthy more than I want to quit! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

- My mom. As Mother's Day weekend approaches I can't help but be a little sad for both her and my dad (and me too) as they deal with the not having their moms. I am so thankful to have my mom (she is coming to spend Sunday with me) and Justin's mom in my life. Our moms are so different but so much alike. They both are very strong and have changed me for the better.

- My Chickie. We are approaching the one year mark. I am not sure that is possible. 

- My Nan. We are approaching her two year mark. I am not sure that is possible. 

- All of the women in my life. I hope everyone has a great weekend with the special women in their lives! 

If you want to see what others are thankful for go visit Rebecca.....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey hormones, get a grip....

I have cried not once but twice today over internet videos. Seriously, hormones... get it together! We started back at C25k yesterday. Day 1 was tough but it was awesome! It felt good to get back out there and feel the burn! If you haven't heard of - check it out. Now some of the songs are very explicit. Check out the label if you aren't a fan of nasty lyrics :) There are many clean playlists and each playlist cost usually under 5$. I am a huge fan! Has anyone used a fitbit? If so - thoughts?  Debating a one - I really like the sleep monitoring feature!

The house is coming together... I guess. We still have lots of boxes to unpack but I am trying not to freak out and get overwhelmed. When you look at the big picture - none of that stuff matters. Tonight we are having Rebecca and her husband over for dinner - I am sure they won't mind boxes :) Right guys?

We had a fun filled weekend with wedding stuff. We got to taste test our food - I am super excited to eat the yummy food! And we got tuxes ordered and our vendors paid. I feel better about that stuff!

I hope everyone had a great day :) Tuesday is almost over! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

<a border="0" href="" target="_blank"><img src=""/></a>

Thankful Thursday...

This Thursday, more than ever, I need to give thanks.

A phone call this morning that will change our life for the better. Justin got a work related call that I can't talk about yet. But it is a huge relief, prayer answered and blessing.

A move. The move is almost done. We will spend Friday night back at Justin's parents house (they are in Florida) and finish up packing some stuff in the basement and attic.

The move puts me 5 miles from work *4.7* but who is counting and puts Justin about 20 from his new job. So thankful!

Being able to help organize an awesome fund raiser for Timmy's Fund

And lastly. Justin. Because he really is the best. We are going out to celebrate with his friends tonight the end of the semester. I am so proud of him and his hard work. Everyday I see our dreams getting closer and closer!

Friday, April 27, 2012


I am ....

Listening to Children being told to get on their mats and close their eyes - it is nap time at work ;)

Eating - Chick Filla, Parents appreciate us every now and then

Drinking - sweet teac

Weather - sunny and 55 - cold

Feeling -  a tad stressed, hungry and tired

Wanting - this move to be over

Needing - this move to be over  -

Thinking - I hope Justin gets a good nap, he is exhausted!

Enjoying - the almost silence of work, Kenny Loggins and ChickFilla

We are moving friends - this is taking place this weekend. We are happy, tired and a tad grumpy. Be back Monday :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

catching up on 365....

A very nasty icey snow storm hit us Feb 12
Feb 13 - Our amazing neighbors brought us an amazing dinner
Feb 14 - our traditional peanut butter pie didn't look good, but it sure tasted yummy
Feb 15 - Love this :) Let's Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Feb 16 - I love my sprakle shoes
Feb 17- We registered :)
Feb 18 - tired pooch

Feb 19  - the office dog
Feb 20 - everyone is doing it
Feb 21 - Justin surprised me with this delish starbucks treat
Feb 22 - our neighbors made us dinner, again.

Over a month

I can't believe it has been over a month, oh who am I kidding - life has been crazy busy.  And it appears life won't slow down for another month or so - or until after August.

We are moving back to Morgantown. We are both excited and happy that we found a house that has a nice big fenced in yard and close enough to the interstate for Justin and close enough to work for me.  Instead of driving 75 miles a day I will do 10. Our gas budget thanks me!

Justin has had some very promising interviews for a summer internship, we are just waiting for formal paperwork so he we can start the next chapter in our lives.

Wedding planning is going well. Thanks Mom.

Weight isn't. We will be in our new house in less than a month. I will be joining a gym and using the rail trails. No excuses.

Work is going well. I am excited for the summer!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend :) I am going home to my parents for the night to go to a friend's babyshower. 

Friday, February 24, 2012


  • This week I have done horrible eating. I do believe I have ate everything under the sun. Not sure what is going on but I know I need to stop. NOW.
  • We have a good week other wise. Justin had some promising interviews for summer internships and possible jobs after graduation. 
  • Work was good this week, I got to experience my first have to call mom to come get the child for an ER visit.
  •  We are going home this weekend for my Dad's surprise 50th Birthday. I  am excited to see everyone!
  • It was 60 degrees today. I hate snow and winter. I am sooo thankful for a mild winter and warmer temps. It has been a HUGE blessing!
  • School is tiring me out. Justin is exhausted from his schedule and mine isn't much better. I am ready for a break. August can't come soon enough
    • -I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Story, Part One

I hadn't had the best luck with relationships prior to Justin. No one could live up to my (everyone told me) unrealistic expectations and no one swept me off my feet. I didn't want to settle....

My good friend Rebecca had this step cousin she wanted to set me up with. Now, she had tried once before setting me up - we both laugh about it now and can agree that that guy has serious issues - and it failed miserably. So I was skeptic to say the least. Her step cousins also worked with my brother and he confirmed he was a good guy . So one summer day I was sitting in the work parking lot waiting on my brother when he came up to talk to me. Now, I already knew that Rebecca was trying to set us up, I wasn't sure if he did or not - so I played it cool. We talked briefly and he headed on his way. I didn't tell Rebecca but I instantly had a school girl crush :) We unofficially talked via twitter for a few days prior to our big meet up, September 1, 2010. We are all HUGE WVU fans and love anything football so a group of us decided to meet to see a local sportscast with our head coach and WVU famous Sports Announcer Tony Caridi. You can read about that night here. 

That night, he made me laugh and I thought it he was cute but I wasn't sure how he felt about me.  Saturday, - September 4, 2010 was opening game. Justin just happened to show up at the same tailgate where I was and left with my brother to go to the game.... Yeah, that's right he left with my brother to go to the game. I rolled my eyes and told him if he wanted to hang out with me during the game to come and sit with me :) 4th quarter he come strolling down to hang out and walk me back to my car. It was a hot day and I parked on top of  a mountain it seemed. I was struggling getting back when Justin turned around and said to me "aren't you supposed to run a 5k should be able to keep up"... for some reason his smile and sarcasm won me over. I knew he was kidding and the way he smiled, as corny as it sounds, made me like him even more.

The following football game was an away game - I invited him and some other friends over to my aprt to watch and hang out. The game ended well and Justin stayed till 3am laying on the couch talking to me. I was on the love seat trying to keep my eyes open while he talked... I can't tell you a thing we talked about that night but I knew I loved every minute of it :)

We continue to hang out and do things together - but he was killing me. It had been days and weeks of hanging out together and he still hadn't kissed me. My best friend staged scenarios where it would HAVE to happen, still nothing. Nothing NOTHING. So on week 3 I decided to give it one more try - if he didn't kiss me I knew he wanted to be just friends and so we would be.  I ordered Chinese, put on True Blood and hoped for the best. Nothing had happened  so when I walked him to his Jeep I was still hopeful but prepared to go in the house and cry.  It started to sprinkle some warm rain right as he went in for the kiss. It was well worth it....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wedding & Life

Life has been hard the past few weeks. Justin and I are fine, nothing like that. Just a pretty big stress that isn't blog appropriate. We are moving along and things are ok, but we have been tired, stressed and anxious.  If you could would you keep us in your prayers?

Wedding plans are moving smoothly. Things are really coming together and we are pretty much under budget. Which excites my parents :) We have fun stuff left to do - order tuxes, my dress, register, pick out wedding bands, etc.

We have our DJ, venue, photographer, the food is almost done and the table rentals. I just can't wait to spend the rest of my life married to best friend.

Less than 6 months...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So goals for this year.. *Ignore the fact that it is February*

I am going to do monthly goals so maybe I will hold myself accountable.

 In the month of February I would like to..

1. Loose another 7.5lbs
2. Get our office cleaned out - Give away at minimum 3 bags of clothes
3. Blog every other day
4.  Get out the Save the Dates
5. Track every day, EVERYTHING, for the entire month. (excluding today)
6. Read  one new book

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


That's how many pounds I am down. I am hopeful that next Monday will bring 1.1lbs at least so I can be at the 15lbs mark.

I have 44.1lbs left before I want to try on a wedding dress. I am hoping that by the end of May I will be close enough to try on a dress. That gives me 4 months. I know I can do this. Weight Watchers is such an awesome program, if you are on the fence or considering it - I whole heartily say DO IT!

One of the things I really need to start doing is getting active. I have the treadmill, it is just at my parents. I am hoping come March I will be able to start running C25k again . I have to get moving!

Do you have any tips on how to move in the winter? What about weight watcher recipes?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday's Weigh In...

Guess who lost 8lbs on her first week?  Guess what amazingly awesome boyfriend faince lost 8lbs, too. Yeah, that's right.... me and the future hubs......

My wonerful momma also hit her 40lbs mark this week! So stinkin proud of ALL of us!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

First week of WW (almost)

Well tomorrow is the dreaded weigh in. I have done well for the most part and surprisingly I feel better just after one week of trying to move more, eat less and drink a lot more water. I had a few weak moments this week and with the start of AF I knew it would be tough, I did ok though and made it through. I have been making better choices and really thinking twice before eating anything. I am nervous, anxious and excited to step on the scale tomorrow.

Today we are taking Justin's mom back to the airport. I am not sure if we will stop at IKEA or do any shopping - it is a little too cold for anything outdoors if you ask me (8 degrees here).

The snow ruined our plans to go home to see my parents and get the treadmill. I have to start moving more. I felt so much better when I was active! How do you cold weather girls stay active in the winter? Any tips?

I am doing a guest post this week for one of my favorite weight loss blog. I am excited to share more of my story on her site and hopeful that I will in turn gain some support!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have to do a teacher's in-service tomorrow :( So no Monday off for me! I will gladly go back to my 4/10s next week though!

Have a great day!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wedding Update...

Things are moving very slowly here! We are still searching for a venue and waiting for call backs. Hopefully soon we will have some concrete details and things will start following in place. Here are the things we have done or just updates. I am sure no one else cares and I totally get that! But this will help me remember our special day 20 years from now :)

  • We have set the date! August 4, 2012. 
  • We have picked our colors... I think
  • We were supposed to go look at some venues but the winter weather put a damper on any traveling today! 
  • I have contacted a lovely lady at a local rental company, I think she will be a life saver.
  • We are currently trying to find a great save the date... any ideas
  • Pinterest has been a life saver
  • My mom has been on the ball and totally pinning things left and right. 
  • Honeymoon mode of transportation is a cruise --- details are still sketchy
  • photographers are EXTREMELY expensive. 
  • The wedding diets have started and so far we are doing really well!
  • We have a budget agreed on - but not spent a penny yet
  • I have asked all my girls, he still lacking on the boys
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties are in the works...
  • We really need to find a venue!!!
I thought I'd be a lot more stressed and anxious about everything but strangely I am really calm! I am just anxious to start the next journey with my best friend.....

Project 365 Week 2

If you don't read the fabulous Sarah's Blog, you should...she did a great post on P365 and it was totally full of awesome ideas!

Here are picture from January 8-14th... Please ignore our Christmas stuff still up we spend the last 8 days of December in Florida Haha



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365 .... Week 1 (1-1-12-1-7-12)

Until (hopefully next week) we get Photoshop, I am going to post my pictures in a collage that isn't my first choice, but it will work! I still have a lot to post about and will get to it soon! But for now, here is week one of 2012.

Jan 1st - We spent the day at the beach - Justin did some surf fishing and I read a magazine. We were very thrilled to ring in 2012 in the sun and at the beach!
Jan 2nd - pictures and words can't even begin to explain this day. I am such a very lucky girl!
Jan 3rd - our Bowl game tickets finally got delivered! We were ecstatic!

Jan 4th - The final score of the Orange Bowl game. WVU 70 Clemson 33. What an awesome game to be at. It was really an amazing WVU sporting experience!
Jan 5th - Justin and his dad went to Peir fishing while his Mom and I had a spa day
Jan 6th - Our last day at the beach.
Jan 7th - Buster in the back ready to come home!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Ha, how appropriate! Today I am linking up to show off my ring :)

Justin gave me it yesterday morning, sunrise on the beach. It was absolutely perfect. I will share the full story soon!

I picked out my ring on a whim. I fell IN LOVE with it the minute I saw it and he picked it up in August and made me wait till our vacation to Florida on a perfect sunrise morning to propose.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Vacation...all I ever wanted...

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
And said, marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
It's a love story baby just say yes