Friday, June 29, 2012



1. My goodness is it HOT!!! If i is going to be this hot, I need to be in our pool, cold drink in hand floating. Not sitting in my temperature rising office.

 2.  Tomorrow we are going to see these folks.It is supposed to be 90+ degrees so the SUN tour is right. I am sure I will not be posting pictures of my sweaty, smelly self after the concert. But none the less we will have fun with our friends and two other couples.
3. My 2nd bridal shower is Sunday. I am so stinking excited - I love seeing people who are happy for us and help us celebrate! We are going to eat good food, drink good drinks and just celebrate. And, not that is about presents, because IT IS NOT. But I stalk my registry. I may have an obsession!

4. Our invites went out this week. I absolutely loved them. Not bragging but I think they turned out perfect - for us! And a little PSA - if you get invited to an event and someone even puts postage on the RSVP card for you -- RETURN IN :) My OCD seating chart needs them back. We already have had people RSVP and that makes me super excited. I am excited to share our day with our loved ones.

5. 5 weeks away, folks. 5 weeks away from marrying my best bud. 

6. We go get my dress Monday, it is bustled and ready for my butt to get in it. I may not take it off Monday :) Well I will, because I want it to be a surprise, but I can't wait to wear it.

7. I am not sure if being this happy is normal. But I am. Be prepared for lots more wedding jabber because it is all.I.Think.About :)


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  1. Love all of this!!!

    I promise I will mail our RSVP tomorrow. ;)

    Be as happy as you want - and enjoy every. single. moment.