Friday, September 30, 2011

7 quick takes....

  1. Ahhhh, Friday! It is my favorite day of the work week! Today should be a pretty easy and calm day. I have already completed my first hour (9 more to go). Work is going really well, it is fusturating being in Early Childhood because  I know I will never be rich, but I am Ok with it.... most days :p
  2. College Game Day came to Morgantown last weekend. It was fabulous! We had 21 hours of college football. A bit tiring but totally worth it. The game was awesome too. Even if we didn't win. Isn't this picture awesome?

The Gold you see waving is WVU towels, 60,000+ waving is an awesome sight!

3. We are still waiting to hear the results of my dad's biopsy. We should know something sooner than later. We are still all really postive. His surgery went well and now we just have to wait.
4. Bow (deer) Season starts in WV tomorrow. I will be a hunting widow.
5. I am hoping to spend Sunday and Monday working on the house and putting up more Fall/Halloween decorations. There is a chance of snow flurries in our forcast for this weekend. I.AM.NOT.READY.FOR.SNOW
6. In 11 weeks it will be Christmas. I can't believe this year is almost done. It really has flown by!
7. Lastly, I will leave you of two of my favorite pictures from my brithday weekened. Family X2

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today is my last day of work. 43 hours of work this week over by Thursday. I am tired, exhausted and ready for sleep... But that isn't an option till Sunday.

We are going home tonight to be with my parents as my Dad faces a pretty scary surgery tomorrow. The C word is a slight possibly at this point. We could use some BIG prayers, please.

Saturday morning, in the wee hours we will be heading *like 3am* back to Morgantown to get in line for ESPN College Game Day. We will hang out till it starts at 8 stay till its over then go home and CRASH till we get up for the game, I am hoping to to start tailgating at 4. It will be a long but AWESOME weekend.

I can not wait for Saturday. I am praying that everything is great with my dad and we really can enjoy ourselves Saturday.... It is honestly the biggest college football game for WVU in my lifetime!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I have been absent for far too long. It is a very hard habit to break. I have at least 20 post in waiting to actually post but for some reason they never make it.

Life is great, but that my friends, is another story. Today I need to talk about football. My favorite part of fall, one of my favorite parts about WV, one of my favorite topics.

We started off this year with a new coach, I was very excited. I strongly disliked our old one. We have a few bugs that need worked out, but things are going OK. We are 3-0 and have a big game coming up this weekend. LSU. If you haven't heard they are #2 in the Nation. We are #16. Big game, big deal.

Even bigger deal, for the first time in my life and HISTORY, ESPN College Game Day is coming to town. Umm Crap. I may have an excitement overload. Our town, well we get pretty rough. Fire Marshalls have already started taking couches off of porches. We burn them if you haven't heard! I am not Proud or Promote this, FYI. We also pregame harder than most party. We have a reputation of being bad (this will be revisited soon). But most importantly, our fans are amazing (for the most part). Our coaches, players (any sport), there is just something there.

I will be partaking in the normal, happy, toss a few beers back tailgates. I will cheer loudly and sing proudly when we beat LSU Saturday.

And if that wasn't make your heart stop beating exciting enough, well hold on! Because we are also starting a new path, right into the hearts of the SEC Conference. They don't want us, we know it. But they are taking us. I love the Big East, it has been our home and it will be hard for me accept we are no longer with them. (I mean hellooooo 'Bama is a FAR away roadtrip) But we will be with the more elite kids now, Right? I am not a huge fan of this move but I am trying not to think about it.

Right now, all I can think about is trying to meet Kirk Herbstreit and beating #2 LSU. And hoping for no riots, couches burnt or pepper spray. Let's GO!!!