Friday, September 30, 2011

7 quick takes....

  1. Ahhhh, Friday! It is my favorite day of the work week! Today should be a pretty easy and calm day. I have already completed my first hour (9 more to go). Work is going really well, it is fusturating being in Early Childhood because  I know I will never be rich, but I am Ok with it.... most days :p
  2. College Game Day came to Morgantown last weekend. It was fabulous! We had 21 hours of college football. A bit tiring but totally worth it. The game was awesome too. Even if we didn't win. Isn't this picture awesome?

The Gold you see waving is WVU towels, 60,000+ waving is an awesome sight!

3. We are still waiting to hear the results of my dad's biopsy. We should know something sooner than later. We are still all really postive. His surgery went well and now we just have to wait.
4. Bow (deer) Season starts in WV tomorrow. I will be a hunting widow.
5. I am hoping to spend Sunday and Monday working on the house and putting up more Fall/Halloween decorations. There is a chance of snow flurries in our forcast for this weekend. I.AM.NOT.READY.FOR.SNOW
6. In 11 weeks it will be Christmas. I can't believe this year is almost done. It really has flown by!
7. Lastly, I will leave you of two of my favorite pictures from my brithday weekened. Family X2

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