Monday, October 3, 2011

My Own Weigh....

No more excuses. I have debated going back to WW meetings and doing the new Points Plus plan, but I can do the old way at home and do it on my own. Well with Justin and all of you. Tomorrow morning I will start counting every point. I will weigh in every Tuesday morning. I am nervous. It wasn't that hard last time, but I was single, I didn't have to worry about Justin's dinner and making sure he had enough to eat. Now, don't get me wrong. He totally, 100% supports me, but this isn't his issue or his weight to lose. Exercise will be harder this time too. Rebecca and I ran/swam daily and I had a lot more free time. My 7.25 hour work day and 10 minute commute is now a 10 hour day and a 1 hour each way commute. So it will be running at home when I can, doing home work outs and videos. Any tips or ideas are greatly appreciated :) So hopefully the next week will be smooth and I will see a loss!


  1. I know it makes your day longer, but I'm always up for a run or swim with you if you want to in the evenings before heading back to P County!

    Why can't we all just have the metabolism of The Man? It's just not fair!

  2. New follower from SUYL on Kelly's Korner! Good luck on your WW journey. That's the only thing I haven't tried yet. I pulled a pec muscle on my first day back to working out and now my motivation has slipped :( Have you tried Zumba?