Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's OK Thursdays.....

Neely and Amber have teamed up for another linky party. If you haven't been to Neely's blog yet today, go look and read some of the best "It's Oks..."

It's Ok...

  • To be totally planning a wedding and not have a ring...
  • To have more shows on my DVR than hours in a day, This new Fall TV line up is AWESOME!
  • That I went to sleep at 8:30 this week
  • that my Boston Terror is my child
  • To be a tad homesick
  • That I've already crashed and burned on the eating and healthy choices/exercise this week
  • That I dream about going back to school but have no idea for what
  • To be a total slacker in the cooking, cleaning and home management area the past few weeks
  • To have more laundry than 10 frat boys
  • To look at Pinterest 1000303040034 times a day and STILL find amazing new things!
  • To be 2 minutes late for work because I couldn't stop kissing him
  • To avoid/ignore calls
  • To listen to John Mayer or Jack Johnson every single day at some point

1 comment:

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