Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today is my last day of work. 43 hours of work this week over by Thursday. I am tired, exhausted and ready for sleep... But that isn't an option till Sunday.

We are going home tonight to be with my parents as my Dad faces a pretty scary surgery tomorrow. The C word is a slight possibly at this point. We could use some BIG prayers, please.

Saturday morning, in the wee hours we will be heading *like 3am* back to Morgantown to get in line for ESPN College Game Day. We will hang out till it starts at 8 stay till its over then go home and CRASH till we get up for the game, I am hoping to to start tailgating at 4. It will be a long but AWESOME weekend.

I can not wait for Saturday. I am praying that everything is great with my dad and we really can enjoy ourselves Saturday.... It is honestly the biggest college football game for WVU in my lifetime!

1 comment:

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