Friday, March 30, 2012

Over a month

I can't believe it has been over a month, oh who am I kidding - life has been crazy busy.  And it appears life won't slow down for another month or so - or until after August.

We are moving back to Morgantown. We are both excited and happy that we found a house that has a nice big fenced in yard and close enough to the interstate for Justin and close enough to work for me.  Instead of driving 75 miles a day I will do 10. Our gas budget thanks me!

Justin has had some very promising interviews for a summer internship, we are just waiting for formal paperwork so he we can start the next chapter in our lives.

Wedding planning is going well. Thanks Mom.

Weight isn't. We will be in our new house in less than a month. I will be joining a gym and using the rail trails. No excuses.

Work is going well. I am excited for the summer!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend :) I am going home to my parents for the night to go to a friend's babyshower. 

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