Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey hormones, get a grip....

I have cried not once but twice today over internet videos. Seriously, hormones... get it together! We started back at C25k yesterday. Day 1 was tough but it was awesome! It felt good to get back out there and feel the burn! If you haven't heard of Rockmyrun.com - check it out. Now some of the songs are very explicit. Check out the label if you aren't a fan of nasty lyrics :) There are many clean playlists and each playlist cost usually under 5$. I am a huge fan! Has anyone used a fitbit? If so - thoughts?  Debating a one - I really like the sleep monitoring feature!

The house is coming together... I guess. We still have lots of boxes to unpack but I am trying not to freak out and get overwhelmed. When you look at the big picture - none of that stuff matters. Tonight we are having Rebecca and her husband over for dinner - I am sure they won't mind boxes :) Right guys?

We had a fun filled weekend with wedding stuff. We got to taste test our food - I am super excited to eat the yummy food! And we got tuxes ordered and our vendors paid. I feel better about that stuff!

I hope everyone had a great day :) Tuesday is almost over! 

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  1. Of course we don't mind boxes :)!

    Oh and jog.fm is another great site - you put in your pace and it gives you music with a beat that will keep you on pace. Helped me run my personal best 5k last summer.