Thursday, May 17, 2012


It is absolutely gorgeous outside today. It is the perfect spring day and I am stuck inside my office until 6. So is life!

We are slowly getting settled into our new house. All is well there! We love being close to work, school and our friends! We do, however, miss Justin's grandparents!

Wedding stuff is coming along rather nicely! I think we found our table numbers today! I am very excited and ready to marry my love! 2 months and 2 weeks away! I can't wait :) My dress is in, we will go to pick it up Monday! I would love to share a picture, but can't until after the big day! Flowers are picked out, dress is bought, tuxes done, food has been tested (oh my is it yummy!), table decor and lines picked - everything is done... I think.

I need to look into a portable microphone system and talk to a minster still.  And the portable AC units are causing me some grief so we will see what happens.

Justin officially signed his letter of employment - he has an official full time job. We are just waiting for the start date. We are figuring sometime next week!

My job is is still going well and I am really excited about the possibilities of some stuff in the future!

We spent a great Mother's Day with my mom, dad, grandpa, brother and Justin and I. Everyone came to our house and we just enjoyed being together. It was simple and low key! I made these and they turned out perfect! I was so excited to use my new Kitchen Aid Mixer :) (I love it BTW)

We are looking forward to a busy Saturday but relaxing Sunday filled with SUNSHINE!!! I can't believe May is almost over!

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