Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365 .... Week 1 (1-1-12-1-7-12)

Until (hopefully next week) we get Photoshop, I am going to post my pictures in a collage that isn't my first choice, but it will work! I still have a lot to post about and will get to it soon! But for now, here is week one of 2012.

Jan 1st - We spent the day at the beach - Justin did some surf fishing and I read a magazine. We were very thrilled to ring in 2012 in the sun and at the beach!
Jan 2nd - pictures and words can't even begin to explain this day. I am such a very lucky girl!
Jan 3rd - our Bowl game tickets finally got delivered! We were ecstatic!

Jan 4th - The final score of the Orange Bowl game. WVU 70 Clemson 33. What an awesome game to be at. It was really an amazing WVU sporting experience!
Jan 5th - Justin and his dad went to Peir fishing while his Mom and I had a spa day
Jan 6th - Our last day at the beach.
Jan 7th - Buster in the back ready to come home!

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