Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Tonight, for some reason, I can't fall asleep - so I started reading old blog post. It made me happy to have this outlet to look back on and read what was happening year(s) ago. Then I got sad - I have been horrible  at keeping up on blogging. Promises made to start blogging, failed attempts and trying to blog on an irregular bases have left me with months of nothing.  I am going to start posting more, or try. I have lots of fun stuff to update on - vacations, house, family and just life. But one of my favorite post is my year in review. So with no further blabbling from me.... Here is my 2013


  • We spent a lot of the month watching basketball games at the Coliseum
  • Justin was on off shifts for two weeks, I did not sleep
  • Justin's Grandma got to leave the nursing home facility and return home :)
    WVU Coliseum 

Pre Brantley Gilbert 
  • We decided to build a house - after a lot of house hunting
  • We celebrated my Dad's birthday (51st)
  • Our wedding invites were featured in WV Wedding Magazine
  • We went to see Brantley Gilbert
Weding Invites

Adult Spring Break looks so much different that college spring break
  • We kidnapped our two dear friends and headed on an adult Spring Break in Ormond Beach. We had the best time
  • I sat next to Bob Huggins during dinner. It was an awesome night - I totally creeped on my favorite coach! 
  • It will be a house sooner than later
  • Our house broke ground! We started building our house!!

Olive loves to play cards too
  • On our beach trip, our friends taught us Euchre - we spent many nights playing!
  • We spent many days/nights at Lowe's picking out stuff for our new house.
  • The NFL draft was huge for WVU fans this year!
  • Justin killed his first wild turkey - we used it to create an awesome Mother's Day feast
    Happy husband
  • Work was exhausting - Mother's Day Tea & Preschool Graduation
  • Mom and her babies
  • We spent more time at Lowe's & housing supply stores - it was a weekend tradition

Concert Happiness
  • We went to see Brad Paisley
  • I was Captain of the first family Relay for Life Team
  • I got to feed a giraffe at the zoo on a school field trip
  • Celebrated with a dear high school friend at her baby shower

  • We booked our tickets to St. Maarten (December trip)
  • Spent the 4th with our dear friends, BBQ, cards (more Euchre, and sunshine)
  • Parents came up and visited, visited Cooper's Rock with parents for first time
  • Hot dogs on the 4th
  • Spent a weekend with friends in Charleston, WV

Our Anniversary 

  • I turned 29
  • We moved in with our friends for 2 weeks while we waited to close on our home
  • My best friend moved to St. Maarten to start an incredible journey

  • We celebrated our first anniversary with a trip to Washington, PA - some shopping, yummy food and just a chance to be together
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving early with friends that wouldn't be in the States in November 
It is ours!!!! 

  • We are home owners!!!!
  • Unpacking, organizing, and sorting!

Let the fun begin... 

  • My husband's family lost an amazing father, uncle, friend and husband. Justin's uncle passed away unexpectedly and suddenly. It was extremely heartbreaking. 
  • The Reds made October baseball a little more bearable 
  • We had our first Halloween in the new house
  • More Football
    Brother and I football happy

My favorite coach
  • We sold Justin's jeep and bought an 4wheeler (quad)
  • Justin spent a lot of time in the woods
  • We spent an early Thanksgiving at his Mom's - with his grandparents and family
  • We spent Thanksgiving at my parents - Rob visited Parkersburg for the first time
  • We went shopping late Thanksgiving night 
  • I participated in Ladies Night with Bob Huggins 
Goodbye Wrangler
Hello quad

  • We went to St. Maarten - Oh my was it wonderful 
  • Justin had a birthday
  • We had friends over for NYE - we celebrated the end of a great year with board games, champagne, full bellies and laughter
Game Night Fun
  • I was off work from Dec 14 - Jan 2
  • Justin only worked two days during my break
  • Chritmas Feast
  • We spent Christmas with the our friends and family 
Island bliss

I am so thankful for my many blessings of 2013. I hope that you are at peace with 2013 and 2014 is everything you want it to be! Happy New Year!

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