Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not one but two.....

I posted yesterday that my grandpa was in the hospital, he isn't doing very well. They are going to do surgery today (last I heard late last night) - he is having some major issues so if you could say a prayer for him.

Then while my very tired and stressed out parents are at the hospital dealing with my Pap (Dad's dad) they get a phone call that my grandmother fell and they are bringing her in my ambulance.  She has broken her hip and will also be in surgery today. So again, Could you please say another prayer?

I am going home on Saturday, hopefully, I know my parents are exhausted and tired and I hope that the next few days are as stress free as possible. I need my grandparents around for at least another 20 years so things have to go very, very smoothly! Thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A few things...

  • My Pap is in the hospital, sadly, it isn't looking great. I got the message at 6:30 this morning. My plan is to go home Saturday, hopefully all will work out and that can still be the plan. If you will, say a prayer for him.
  • Apparently I am mean in my sleep, Justin came to bed after me last night and I guess I wasn't the nicest. I blame it on the nasty cold I have and the fact that I was sound asleep until he came in waking me up. I was then cold and had to pee. That would make anyone grumpy. I am going to try to be nicer in my sleep...sorry Babe.
  • Work is kicking my butt, I really needed a sick day today but came in anyways. I have meetings all day (starting at 10) and really can't afford to miss them. I am exhausted and feel that a good 16 hour sleep plus some NyQuil would help this cold disappear ... or at least help me feel better
  • I am officially moving in with Justin in June. 4.5 months. Seems like forever, until you start planning. I am driving him nuts. I keep making us do projects and start rearranging furniture only to get stressed out, upset and want to quit. He is being a great sport and really helping, but I feel like we are getting nowhere. His house is big but yet small, does that make sense? It is a nice size 2 bedroom with a full basement and attic. But it is an older house so the rooms are small. Plus I have tons of stuff, so doesn't he. It will be a fun four months, if he doesn't kill me first.
  • Haven't heard anything from the new job, again if you can will you say another prayer?
  • It is supposed to be in the single digit temparture wise this weekend. How many days till spring?
  • Only 2 more mornings until the weekend :) Have a great day!

An update

After my last post, things have calmed down (is it bad that I don't want to type that for fear I just jinked myself?) ....

I interviewed for a new job, outside the University where I currently work - submitted resumes to the school district where Justin lives and had a follow up interview/presentation yesterday. I need to get Thank You cards out in today's mail and tidy up a few personal housekeeping issues before my long day of meetings.

I'm also fighting a really, really nasty cold. Poor Justin, I was feeling really bad last night and running a slight fever ( I know this because any sign of a fever and it makes me super emotional and very weepy), I was cooking dinner and literally lost it in the kitchen. I immediately took some Pain Reliever and Sudafed and tried to stop being such a whiner.

Justin's family is taking us to a German Food Buffet/Special Event - I am really excited and hope that the cold meds allow me to at least taste the food.

I am very hopeful that the past few days of interviews will lead to new opportunities, could you please say a prayer that something works out from all of this?  Thank you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

It is too cold....

I feel the winter sludge. It hasn't been above 35 degrees in 2 weeks or so. That is far too cold to run outdoors in my opinion. I haven't been to the gym in months. And my eating habits leave a lot to be desired.  I went a head and preregistered for the on site (during my lunch) for Weight Watchers - it really helped last time, having the weekly weigh in and being held accountable for my weight in front of others really does make me think twice about what I am putting in my mouth.

I am also going to a four day work week until the end of March - I am hoping I can force myself out of bed extremely early on two of my four work days and head to the gym.  Me and mornings do not go well together but I have to give something somewhere.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just Breath....

The past twenty four hours has been an emotional roller coaster, complete with my very first official panic attack. I am over the stress, worry and heartache caused by adults who have nothing better to do than gossip. I am not sure what the next few weeks will unfold but I know that I am ready for pretty much anything, I think. I hope.

 I do know one thing, I have a pretty amazing man that had and will have my back no matter what.  I am afraid to post, afraid to say it out loud but I really do think the storm is dying down. I think. I hope.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I used to be Fat

Today has been a very lazy enjoyable day.  I made some yummy veggie soup, 90 calories a serving, 0 fat and 3 grams of fiber. Super easy, super cheap and super yummy :) Making soup with so little calories doesn't make me feel bad for the grilled cheese I eat to go along with it :) I made enough to take Justin's grandparents over some and also gave them some Oreo Balls as well. I think they were happy, plus it is less Oreo Balls around here for me to eat :)

I have watched BRAVO and MTV all day today. I love Teen Mom and Real Housewives totally trashy tv I know, but it is my guilty pleasure.  Justin and I have been watching I Used to be Fat - it really hits home, these girls are losing 90lbs+ in 90 days. Unbelievable.  I really wish I could afford a personal trainer but it isn't in the budget. I am purchasing a new treadmill to leave at Justin's house.  When I am here (at least half a week) there is no where to run or exercise close by, so we are going to set me up a treadmill in the basement. I just have to set up an old TV and DVD player down there so I won't go stir crazy.  I guess I can always fall back on the Ipod but sometimes it's nice to watch something different. I am hoping the weather breaks soon and I get back outdoors.  I like having that 30-40 mins of being outside and just pushing myself.  Totally peaceful, totally relaxing and healthy. There really isn't anything quite like that feeling...

I am hoping my early June I can be at a mini-major goal.  Before too much longer I am going to re-do my goals and my objectives for 2011, I am sure everyone is waiting with anticipation.

I have a lot of stuff going on this week  - I have an interview Wed that will take all afternoon, a lot of projects going on this week at work, 2 basketball games and trying to get my house in order.  Next Monday (17th maybe?) I have off work, but as always I have a lot of stuff to do :(

I hope everyone has a great weekend ....

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