Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Monday

HI! Remember me... A girl who needs to lose weight that used to blog every day? Yeah, I've been slacking. Blame it on the spring weather, vacation and just being busy - but blogging has taken a back seat the last couple weeks.

So let me give you an update...

We went to the beach two weeks ago, it was fantastic. My MIL has a beach house in Florida so we try to get down there as much as possible. 

My husband LOVES to fish. He got his first pompano this trip and was ecstatic.
Happiest fisherman ever.

My happy place.

The only beach selfie you'll get from me. 

My favorite shopping place, ever.

We got back from the beach and it was snowing. Thanks Mother Nature. We spent last week just getting back into the groove and unpacking. We went to visit Justin's grandparents for Easter. Where I was able to get lots of TBT pictures. How cute are his hightops?

 This week my best friend is making a visit from St. Maarten. I am saving points for Mimosas :) Weight wise, I am not doing bad. I haven't got to weigh in a week bc of Easter but I am still weighing in at home. I will do a weight loss post this week, with some pictures.
I hope ya'll are doing well!


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  2. What a wonderful place! I work in, this is mainly mental and sedentary work. Therefore, every writer has his own hobby that help him to get freshminded! As your husband I love fishing, tell me whether the fortunate is this place?

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