Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunday Funday...

Justin worked all day yesterday. I did some projects around the house. The one big thing we are planning on tackling today? Our garage. Since moving in September it has been our collect all. Don't want to unpack a box - great put it in the garage! Don't know what to do with it - Great put it in the garage!You get the picture. What do you do in your garage to keep it organized? How to you keep it from being the catch all of unwanted or misplaced goods?

Some of the things I am drooling over for our garage...

Please?!!?!? Can my shelves look like this?

Nothing super special, just organized!! 

We have to do something about our recycling! 

I just want everything organized!

Some key helpers.. 


  1. Great work! Guys, you rock! Would you like to do the same with the garage of our office? ;)

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