Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Just another Manic Monday....

My last week living in Morgantown and my last week at my current job. Lots of changes. Lots of good changes.

This weekend was nice. Friday we loaded up my Jeep and headed to Justin's our house. We cleaned up around his house tried to organize and get things settled but as you all know, when you move EVERYTHING is chaos.

We went to a local Coffeehouse to see two musicians Saturday night - Andrew McKnight and Lisa Taylor with Justin's parents. It was a really nice night and nice to have a break from the mess.

Sunday we enjoyed Saturday's break so much we decided to go shoot guns and enjoy the sunshine for a few hours. I took this picture with Justin's new Nikon D3100 - Can I just tell you that I lovvvvvvveeeee this camera. It is amazing. (so isn't he...bahah)

Today is my Nan's birthday, our first one without her. She was an amazing lady and one we all miss daily.

I had a mid morning massage today, it was just what I needed. Justin and I started back up with the C25K and my muscles are sore. I need to stretch better and more. Plus add in some more water! Although I am tight and sore today, the massage really helped and I am ready to run tomorrow :)

I have only an hour left of work, this daylight savings change has made today seem to fly by, even though I am tired today I will gladly take the sun staying out longer and the warmer temps mid day!

I am ready for this week to be over and for Justin and I to be settled into ONE home, together. Have a good week!

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  1. Wow- that camera does take amazing pictures!

    A massage sounds SO nice!