Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I now find fun.....

Signs that I am getting older....
  • Justin just asked me what coupon sites he needed to join so we can start couponing. I love the idea of getting stuff for free/cheap. I watch the coupon blogs and drool - One of my favorites is One day I will be able to stock  pile for free...
  • I like having my house organized, next weekend our To-do list is ORGANIZE BASEMENT. I am excited. We bought a shelving unit. Totes and paper boxes are ready. So it the label maker. Ahh how I love the label maker, (again, I am old)
  • I was looking at Bonnie's blog today and her cleaning post and schedule made me drool. Any guesses what I am making this afternoon?
  • I just looked an having the newspaper delivered, it is official  we have the paper delivered to us!
  • Last night at the basketball game there were a group of thirty11-year-olds next to me. They made my ears hurt. 
  • After 10:30pm I start yawning and getting grumpy. 
  • I can't wait for Yard Sale Season
  • I need reading glasses
  • I don't like driving at night
  • Eating spicy food gives me heartburn
  • And the number one reason I know I am getting older, I am turning into my mother. (Now don't get me wrong, there is no one else I would rather turn into, I am just turning into her way before I thought I would, HA)

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