Friday, February 25, 2011

7 quick Takes...

1. I am going to take the new job. The one I interviewed for and they debated. I am excited, scared and anxious. I am almost 100% sure this is the right choice. Justin is on board and so are our families. I am excited for the next chapter in my life to unfold.

2. I had my annual eye exam today. Perfect 20/20 vision.  The Dr. did recommend computer glasses because I spend so much time (at current job) on the computer. I may go ahead and get a cheap pair, can't hurt. Right?

3. Justin and I are going to visit my parents tonight to celebrate my Dad's 49th Birthday (it was yesterday). Not only am I excited to go home for a few hours, I am excited to play with my parents new pup, Alphie.

4. I washed Justin's brand new way too expensive phone. Oops :( Luckily, rice, a space heater and hair dryer were able to fix it. Sorry, Babe.
5. It is soon going to be March. I have slacked long enough running wise. It is time to bite the bullet and run.

6. Our football schedule was announced today, sadly not one home night (during the week) game this year. That is a huge fail in my opinion and I am very disappointed. On a positive note, this is Head Coach Stew's last year. That leaves little room for sadness and disappointment.

7. I went back to my roots. My dark haired roots. I actually like it. Right now. We shall see how dark I can be once the greys start popping back through....

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