Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Joy of Love Catch Up Post

The Joy of Love workshop 

I am behind so I am going to do a catch up post to get caught back up. If you haven't taken a look at all the amazing photos over at Willette Photography take a few minutes and do so - you won't be disappointed. 

Day 6 - Who They Love

Day 7 - Generations - Justin's Dad, Justin and His Momma

Day 8 - love from the heart - show a picture of how he shows you unconditional...

This is a picture of the counter at the bottom of my blog.  Justin and I have had many discussions and long talks about moving in together. We both know this isn't an easy step or something to take lightly. This to us is no turning back. It is the step before marriage. So agreeing to live with each is really special to us and we both agree that once we do it, there is NO moving out. So here is a picture showing love from the heart...

Day 9 - passions and hobbies 
Justin loves anything outdoorsy, one of his favorite past times includes Fly Fishing.  He won a giveaway on one of the blogs he reads and was very excited to "play" with all of his new fun fishing stuff....

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  1. I'm having fun with this challenge too! Love to see the pictures! :)