Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I am loving Wednesday...

What I am lovin' Wednesdays..... Go visit Jaimie and see what Everyone else is loving :)

I am loving, LOVING, LOVING Old Navy's Spring Line.... I love white denim with older darker distressed denim accents. But what really has be blown away is their accessory line and shoes! I am not a jewelry fan but I love the bright colors and the greens and yellows. And I always love pearls. Maybe it is because it is going to be 60 degrees here today, maybe it is because the beach is 5 months away, or maybe it is because the stuff is so darn cute, whatever the reason - I am in clothing luurrvveee.

I am loving this weather. Please Spring, Come soon!
2:30 pm
Mostly Cloudy
58° F
Mostly Cloudy
I am loving that I got offered a FULL TIME teaching job. I see alot of pool & Mimosa in my future summer plans. * *I haven't completely made up my mind about taking the job, I am very interested but a few things still have to pan out, it has been offered to me and I got Friday to discuss details **

These super cute Family Rule signs from Barn Owl Primitives

That soon it will be Margarita Time <3

My brother, he is the number one reason I am sad about moving out of Morgantown :(

And Lastly, I am loving my BEAUTIFUL flowers I got for Valentine's Day. My favorite flower is hydrangea. My favorite type of flower is one that can be planted. And the best part was the note that said it was a flower to plant at our house.


  1. those are beautiful flowers! and i love the family rules sign!

  2. The flowers are beautiful and I love Old Navy's new line too!