Friday, February 18, 2011

7 Quick Things - The Job edition

1.  I go to do my finger prints and paper work for new job. I new job I am almost 100% sure I want. My heart and head hurt from the thinking. This job provides a lot of great opportunities. I think. I want to be 100% sure of the the details before I quit my current job. I have a love/hate relationship with my current job. I love the University, I love the flexibility, I love the benefits but I hate the politics, the drama, the stress and the pay.
2. This new job would offer me summers off. Isn't that AWESOME. I also just got a phone call about a summer job. Everything does happen for a reason
3. If I stayed at my current job, I'd put in to be moved. I do not like a lot of things that have been happening. However - there are a lot of new and exciting things that are going to be happening here and I do love parts of this job. Again I am torn.
4. The new job is half the commute and I do get all snow days off. My work day is 7:30-3:30 - My day would be 7-4 (commute included) that isn't bad - I could be home, have dinner started, exercise and still have a lot more of my evening.
5. Justin is going back to school in the Fall, this would give us less money but more time together. Everything always works out, right?
6. My insurance premium would double, I'd bring home less money - but then again - Summers and Snow days would be off
7. Can you tell I am torn? I go in today and I am hoping for some clarity and answers. I have to jump, take a leap of faith but I am not sure when and how to do it.....

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