Thursday, February 10, 2011

Catching up

So Job #1 - They still aren't ready to make a choice.  They want to wait until the end of April. They want me to teach class in early April. I feel like they are stringing me a long. Not sure how I feel - the money, ah the money would be grand but for now I am going to chalk it up to not the right timing and move on.

I have an interview with another company Friday. I need something to give. For the love of everything, something give.  This job is less money, but summers and all school breaks off. I would maybe end up getting a part time job. I'd love to babysit under the table for the summer but again, we shall see.

Justin and I had an unexpected "double date" last night. I have been feeling horrible and exhausted. I did NOT feel like cooking so we headed to The Outback for a quick dinner and ran into his friends. It was nice eating with them...I only wished I'd done some makeup and not worn a sweatshirt. Sigh.

My dog and roommate's dog decided to trash my apartment last night. This is the FIRST (and better be last) time either one of them have ever done something like this. They both were sooooo sorry last night they didn't move. I was afraid of upset stomachs all night (knock on wood), so far so good.... I really came home and thought someone had broke in my apartment and trashed it. Silly (urrrr) dogs.

Justin is ordering his Nikon D90 ( I think, I maybe wrong what it is called) this weekend. I can't wait for him to get it so he can practice (or so I can take awesome pictures for the rest of the Days of Love Photo blog post)...

We are also going to visit my family Friday night for some dinner and what not, even though it seems so far away it is only a little over an hour so we will come home Friday night. 

I am only working a half a day today (annual check up) then off tomorrow for the interview and what not. I am really hopeful and really excited. Please keep your fingers crossed for me :-)


  1. Keeping my figures crossed for you!!!

  2. Good luck at the interview!

    My dog used to get in the garbage everytime we left the house when I was growing up. We even put a smaller garbage under the sink instead of the kind that sits out, he figured that out and would open the cupboard door. lol