Friday, February 4, 2011

7 quick takes...

1. February is here. I always look forward to February, it is a short month and March is just around the corner - March to me means Spring. I know we can still get snow in March but still March to me is spring.
2. I think we have decided on a Fondue night at home for Valentine's Day. Any one have any experience with Fondue at home? Please share your tips :)
3. I am loving the The Happiness Project - I am going to finish up Chapter 1 this weekend and hopefully Chapter 2 and do my post. It really is a great book and full of inspiration and statements that make you say, Duh, why didn't I think of that.
4. Take a minute and check out The Love Bomb Team - they have such an awesome platform and it is such a neat idea. It takes literally 2 minutes every week to do something great for some one else. It is free, easy and makes others feel better... Really what could be better?
5. It is the end of week one of the two week wait for the new job. Ugh. I need to hear something. Soon.
6. I tried the new McDonald's oatmeal this morning, it was really really good. I was surprised. Try some, you may like it too.
7. We are finally picking up our couch this weekend. Things are slowly coming together. I am excited to get settled and have one home. Now if I could only talk him into upgrading his cable to the next package so I could have Bravo I would be ecstatic... (ahemmm, love you ;) )


  1. Thank you so much for your involvement in The Happiness Project! Glad you are enjoying it!!

    Happy Friday! :-) Hope you had a great week! Stop on by my blog for my Valentine's Day GIVE-A-WAY!!

  2. 1 - agree!

    2 - Ghirardelli chocolate chips for the dessert course. so. worth. it.

    5 - Hopefully you hear something soon.

    6 - have you had Starbuck's oatmeal yet? It is delicious too.