Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Holiday

We had a great Hanukkah and Christmas. We went home Friday to my parents and left late Saturday. I met my friends for breakfast Saturday morning, I hadn't seen them both at the same time in over 3 years. We played board games with my family, ate tons of yummy food and just relaxed. It was a really, really nice visit.
We got home Saturday night, Justin was very excited and wanted to track Santa. We were very happy to see Santa come straight through Morgantown.  We stayed up late watching The Christmas Story. I had to wake Justin up Christmas morning to come open presents. We exchanged presents and had a lazy morning. Justin made Cinnamon Rolls and we vegged out until we headed to his Grandparents'. We had a great time visiting his family and went to my best friend's house for our present exchange. We played board games and just hung out. The day after my best friend and I woke up and hit the after holiday sales!
This week we are trying to get stuff done and mark off items on our To-Do list. We head to Florida Friday after work! We are very excited for sunshine, warm temperatures and visiting Justin's family!

I hope every is having a great end of the year and enjoying the extra family time :)

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