Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Recap

I did this last year and it was neat to look back at - even if I can't get into my other blog anymore :(

The object of the game is to highlight 3 things (good, bad, life changing, etc) that happened this past year month by month....
January 2011
  • I got a new roommate. Ash and her dog moved in.
  •  I got to experience my first real Preston County winter.
  • We really enjoyed all the WVU basketball in January.
  • February 2011
  •  We celebrated our first Valentine's Day together.
  • I had my mail changed to our address. It was official. We decided to shack up.
  • Justin decided to go back to school full time in the summer.

March 2011
  •  I moved into Justin's house. It became ours.
  • I said Goodbye to my old job and Hello to my new.
  • We went to Pittsburgh to pick up Justin's parents from the airport. Some one became a fan of IKEA.... he swore he'd never like it
April 2011
  •  I did things I usually hadn't done on my girl filled weekends. Like Camo and Glocks.
  • We finally got settled into our new house
  • My Chickie went to the Cleveland Clinic
May 2011
  •  Mother's Day, Our Mom's Birthdays - a trip to Deep Creek and a trip home
  • I lost my Chickie. I still miss her every single day.
  • One of my oldest and dearest friends got married in Charleston, SC.
June 2011
  •  We went home for Father's Day and to visit my Pap
  • My Best Friend Aimee came to visit us in R'burg
  • We planted our first garden
July 2011
  •  Justin quit his job to focus solely on school
  • We went on a two week long stay in Florida to his parents. It was amazing.
  • We also met Scott and Jessica for diner one night :)

August 2011
  •  We celebrated my 27th Birthday. Justin took me to Washington to to shop, eat and play 5$ on he slots in honor of my Chickie.
  • We dog sat for my boss.
  • We lost our Pap. His humor, wit and attitude is missed by all. He was such a great man and I miss him everyday. 
September 2011
  • We said goodbye to Justin's Dad. He made the choice to start a new career so he and Justin's mom could enjoy the beach house, Florida and no snow for good.
  • WVU FOOTBALL started! The start of a new era! Coach Dana and a new offense.
October 2011
  •  First snow!
  • We handed out candy together, with Justin's mom
  • I found Pinterest
November 2011
  •  Our first Thanksgiving with out my grandparents but our first together at my parents.
  • I volunteered at a food giveaway. Humbling to say the least.
  • The last Backyard Brawl was perfect weather, perfect ending and a great way to end November.
December 2011
  •  I had so much fun decorating the house this year.
  • We spend two days at my parents, Christmas Eve at our house, Christmas Day at Justin's Grandparents and our friends.
  • We are ending the year with a trip to Florida to finish our our holiday season with Justin's parents.

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