Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Sunday

We have completed Week 1 of C25k. It was a pretty awesome week of running. I felt good, the weather was hot but we managed to catch a break during run days and get them in. Hubs currently has egg white muffins  (similar but we tweak it no cheese, we add turkey bacon, peppers..)  in the oven (house smells like delish turkey bacon), we   he makes them and we eat them for breakfast all week. Super yummy, super healthy and EASY!

We have been trying to be healthier in our actions, exercise and eating habits. Scouring Pinterest, health magazines and blogs trying to create healthy menus and better yet, inexpensive. Do you have any favorites?

In house news we are going back to Target to pick out some more stuff for the house. I am at my wits end with curtains, bedding, house decor and etc. It is fun but I guess I never knew exactly how hard it was going to be. We really haven't bought new bedding or curtains for years so we are splurging on our master bedding. I am having a hard time with some in budget, not to teenish and still the color scheme we want. (#Mfamilymoves on Instagram for pics)

Weigh in is tomorrow, I am hoping for 1lb gone, if you weighed in this weekend how'd it go?

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