Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving Monday.....

We spent the weekend moving a lot of our stuff into storage. Our wonderful friends gave up a beautiful Sunday to help knock a majority of the move. We are supposed to close in September but we need to be out of our rental by the end of August so we are storing our stuff and bunking with our friends until our house is done.

In the bottom of my cedar armorior I bought second hand a few years ago there was old newspapers from the 50s. One was a Catholic Newspaper from this area and another was just the regular paper. It was neat reading about what was going on 60+ years ago.

The local goodwill has become our second home it seems, not complaining we need to get rid of this crap! It is funny how much stuff you actually accumulate in a short amount of time!!

However the good thing about moving is sometimes you get to pick out new stuff and while we can't buy it all at once, here are some things that are on my home wish list....

This is the only furniture we have found, agreed on and both said the price wasn't bad... I think I can do better though. 

This beautiful peice will have to be a goodwill re-do, I am not paying the sticker on this bad boy. 

these lamp shades to update our lamps...
Have you moved recently? If so any tips? Did you splurge on new stuff? 


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