Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Part 2, Our Story

Part 1, for those of you who need a back story...

Oh my word, he just kissed me. Like really, really kissed me. I didn't want the kiss to be over but I did so I could call everyone who was waiting on the kiss to happen. We finally stopped kissing ( I am sure my neighbors were glad) and I ran up all 18 stairs to get to my apartment, went out on my deck and called my best friend. The kiss was perfect, I knew at that moment that would be my last first kiss. I really think I floated up the stairs that night. When he drove away in his yellow jeep wrangler, my heart was all his.

A few weeks had passed and while he had kissed me, he had't made me his yet. Each day that passed I wondered what we were doing. We hung out every night, if not every other. Gmail chatted daily while we were supposed to work, talking way late into the night about nothing and everything, snuggling on the couch watching True Blood, How I met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory.  Anytime I would bring up the whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing he'd smile and say you aren't my girlfriend. I would always smile back and say something funny but inside I wanted to scream, No shit, asshole - that's the point I want to be. But I didn't.

Fast forward to October 14th. Football Thursday in Motown. Justin was coming with me. Along with my brother and good friend Jim. I made food at my apartment, hung out with Justin all day and made a few cocktails to keep me from screaming I want to be your girlfriend....

We get to our then tailgate spot, start having a few Yunglings and enjoy the atmosphere of a Morgantown night game. Everything was going really well until my brother (innocently enough) was on the phone trying to coordinate location with his friends and he said he was at a certain place with his sister and her boyfriend. For some reason it him referring to Justin as my boyfriend sent me over the edge. Justin teases me still to this day about the look on my face, and me stomping off - but if he wasn't going to call me his girlfriend ain't no way in hell I was going to call him my boyfriend. I politely told Zach Justin was not my boyfriend and walked away from the group. Justin thought I was crazy, I kinda thought the same thing about myself but I just needed to make my point. We were boyfriend and girlfriend, we were a couple, we belonged together... everyone could see it - why couldn't he?
Our first picture 

Eventually I cooled off, rejoined the group and enjoyed the football took our first picture together and enjoyed our night. When we got back to my apartment we had ordered food from a late night greasy diner, sat on my deck and just watched the stars.... it was just the perfect night... later that night when we were canoodling on the couch he said it in his most adorable loving voice... if you want to be my girlfriend I would really like that... Yeah, I went to bed that night grinning! Stay tuned for part 3 ;)

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