Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quick Takes...

Happy July 3rd! It is hard to believe that we are already into July. I hope you are having a fantastic summer!
There are some pretty exciting things going on in our world. We are building are first house! We are expected to be moved in September! WE are beyond excited. It has been so much picking out flooring, wood, cabinets, light fixtures and all the stuff that goes into a house. The only thing we have left to pick out is  counter tops. This is has been the hardest choice for me, I don't know why? You can follow our move, house building and choices on Instagram, #Mfamilymoves

I am trying to get our passport paper work together, we are heading to St. Maarten for the New Year. My best friend is moving there for school so we are going to visit. I am slightly annoyed that I have to pay for a completely new passport instead of a name change because my passport is older than 1 year. Oh well, small price to pay to travel. Well, I guess it is a big price heheh

On our last weigh in Justin and I both reached a high point! 25lbs gone for both of us! We are doing weight watchers, trying to do C25K (when the rain stops) and even signed up for our first race in September. We are doing the Color Me Rad run - Justin picked our team name - the Vincent Van Goes... Don't worry he isn't quitting his day job!

Overall life is going well, I really can't complain :) Hope you have a safe and Happy 4th!

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