Friday, March 7, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? Have you seen the spoiler thing going around Facebook? If that's true, I will be soooooo disappointed. This show has put me through enough of a roller coaster of emotions.  Only 4 more episodes! I feel like this show is a part of my life, these characters, the relationships... I know, I know I have a problem. I was this way with The Office too.

2.Have you ever heard of Oil Pulling? I haven't, but I am intrigued. If you have done this, have you had any benefits? Any concerns? I am going to order some coconut oil for some other uses and thought I may try it.
                                               benefits of oil pulling

3. Last week the Hubs and I went to see Old Crow and The Avett Brothers. I love string music, fiddles, and harmonicas. I also love these two bands. But I love Country Roads more than all the above, so when both bands came out to end the show singing WV's favorite song... well my heart was happy.
4. The stomach bug hit our house last weekend, of course it did. My BFF from high school came to celebrate her 30th birthday and I couldn't get out of bed. I am still not feeling 100%. I am ready for spring. For cold and flu season to be done. For kiddos to get outside and not keep all the germs indoors. Spring is almost here. We were actually under a county wide state emergency last Sunday b/c of the snow.

5. Does anyone here watch Private Lives of Nashville Wives?  I grew up with one of the girls on the show and it is kind of neat to watch her now! Cassie was always one of the sweetest girls. It is more of a family housewives show, not so catty. If you haven't been watching, you really should. If you are watching, what do you think??


  1. I've never heard of Private Lives of Nashville Wives, but I can tell from the title that it is TOTALLY my thing, ha! What channel is it on?!

    Happy Friday, pretty lady!

    1. TNT, Monday nights! It is a little cheesy but I am hooked. Let me know if you end up watching it!