Friday, March 21, 2014

5 on Friday

1. It is Friday! WHOHOOOOO . It has been a crazy week. I was thankful when this little goody showed up at work today. (don't judge, I ship all my stuff to my office). It is soooo soft and long. I love it. Very cute with a denim shirt and maxi skirt. I absolutely love Lila Rose. They have the best quality and everything is priced well.
Ahoy Matey
I got the coral one - far right

2. I joined Skinny Meg's newest diet bet. I haven't checked the scale this week. I am waiting till Sunday. I am hopeful! I have done pretty well with everything this week. But, AF is supposed to show this weekend and that always throws my weight for a loop :( But I am trying not to think of her. Again, thank you for your support :)

3. Mani and Pedis -- We leave for the beach in a little over 2 weeks. YEAH! I am going to attempt to get a really cute mani before hand (ha, get it? before hand?..feel free to roll your eyes) - I really would like something like this...But I am wondering if they can do it on my real nails? Or do I need to get fake nails? Thoughts

4. Do you have a face wash you love? Something that makes your face feel fantastic? If so let me know, I am in the market for something new! Leave me a link letting me know what you like and why!I am debating this one, any thoughts?

5. And lastly, it is a day late - but a little story and video to make you happy. Does anyone else love Pharrell?


  1. That is a fun looking mani! If they can't do it on your real nails, try getting a gel manicure (it goes on like polish but is cured under a UV light). I LOVE gel manicures and they can last 2-3 weeks without any chipping!

  2. I'm a fake nail girl. Super strong and lasts 3 weeks. Shellac chips for me. Super cute color.

  3. Super cute nail color! I love shellac! My last one lasted over 2 weeks, and still never chipped but I took it off because you could tell where my nails had grown (it was a darker polish) and my nails were getting too long.