Thursday, March 6, 2014

Saving Money

Justin and I are both trying to be more frugal. We both have taken an interest in Dave Ramsey and have started changing some of our habits to be better spenders and smarter with our money. No one likes to talk about money, me included. But I do like to tell you and talk about ways to save money. Or make money.

I am by no means an expert on any of these things. And I don't know if they are the best choice, but they are are easy, simple and work for us!


If you don't use this website you are missing out! It is FREE, it gives you cash back on stuff you buy online. Any you do nothing else but shop. I made a nice little extra earnings during Christmas time last year. Enough to pay for a few Christmas gifts :) You typically get anywhere from 1-5% back in CASH for every dollar you spend. Most websites participate with Ebates. Kohls, Amazon (departments change all the time), Walmart... It is the most easy process. It is literally paying you to shop!! If you aren't using it and want to start, use this link, please!

Swag Bucks
What is Swagbucks?
Swag bucks is one of the easiest ways to earn gift cards to your favorite shopping site. I love the 5$ Amazon GC for 450 Swag bucks. I can usually earn 3-6 a month minimum. Save those up for Christmas, presents, on just to feed your Amazon addiction and it is a win win situation lol :)

Swag bucks pays you to use their search engine or participate in their special offers. I usually find one or two special offers I was going to use anyways and get paid to do it. Like booking out Hotel for our February getaway - I used the offer on their site and got paid 10% back to do it! Not bad! The concept is Search, Earn, Redeem - no extra expense to you and you get awesome free gift cards for searching the web!

If you haven't signed up - here is a link


Viggle is the one I probably use the least, but it also the easiest! You download the ap, and use your phone to check in when you watch tv. You earn points for every minute of every show you watch. Rewards are gift cards, merchandise, special offers... I haven't redeemed my points yet for Viggle so don't have a lot to offer but, I use it when I remember and have around 50,000 points since November.  My username is CCMWVU

Now again, I am not a expert. Just a trying to be frugal newlywed :) What money/budget system do you use? Do you have any tips? Anything you use to make extra money?

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