Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Wednesday! Sorry for the delay in posting. We are still having computer issues so I borrowed a laptop from work to give you guys some updates. We are planning on going to the Apple Store on Sunday. The thing I hate about Apple Products is they are great until they die, then your heart stops, you beg the Apple Techs to please please help you, and when they finally restore your broken item, you feel this huge weight off your shoulders and all is well again.  I am hoping the techs can fix our issues Sunday and all will be well soon :)

Sorry, tangent over Apple Products over.

So WW got cancelled on Sunday due to the weather. I didn't weigh myself in till Monday and was pleasantly surprised with a 1.7 loss!! I hate not going to WW and getting the official weigh in!

I've done well on my goals, but I could have done better. Specifically on water intake. I had a moment last week where I was dehydrated. I realized in 9 hours I had nothing to drink! I have done so much better this week with my water and fluid intake. No excuses.

I am doing well with tracking and staying away from food in the kitchen at work. I finally feel like I am heading in the right direction. I'm doing this, slowly. But I am doing it.

How have you been?

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