Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Wednesday

We woke up to snow, icy road conditions and below normal temperatures. I, along with a lot of other people, am praying this is our last Spring snow and sunshine is on the way soon!

I am home from work for a few hours while I wait on the washer repairman to come. Suddenly, our almost new, won't drain. I am looking forward to the washer being fixed but not the price to fix it.

Yesterday, I shared a tiny bit of what I am eating. I got a few emails asking for some recipes/examples of dinners. So I thought today would be the perfect day to share!

Below are next week's dinner plans...

I am "cooking" 3 nights next week, Justin works late 3 nights next week so I figured we'd have 2 dinners together, I'd make the 3rd meal for left overs, something for me to eat and for him when he gets off work.  (I'll eat leftovers the other nights) I also want to try to find something sweet that I love and is low points so I am going to try the peanut butter cookies.

Yummy, The Buffalo Meatloaf cups look super easy!
Skinny Buffalo Chicken Beatloaf Bites -  I have a (full sized) meatloaf version of this on my Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plan.  But I adore the idea of the individual servings.  This lends itself to customizing for a picky eater - or for a family member who likes extra spicy!

5 WW Points+ of creamy, cheesy comfort.  Perfect for a busy weeknight Family Dinner.  Customizable and Picky Eater approved!

"Point-less" Meals: Peanut Butter Cookies - WW = 1-2 pts+ per cookie, makes 36-72 (depending on size)
Layered Mexican Chicken    Weight Watchers Recipe  4.5 Stars  8PointsPlus Value  Serves: 12  The perfect make-ahead meal, this Mexican lasagna will last up to five days in the fridge.

What  is on your meal plan next week?

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