Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Diet Bet Updates...

I weighed in this morning, down another 5lbs! Whoohooooooooooooooo. I was so excited to see the loss, to see the hard work pay off. I sadly didn't get to weigh in yesterday at WW, but I was excited to see the loss on my scale none the less.

To be honest, all I am doing is tracking. I am tracking every single thing that goes in my mouth. No cheats. No nibbles, no taste. It works, it works really well for me when I do it. 

My exercise habits haven't improved :( It is still snowing here. It is the winter that never ends! But I am doing well with my water intake and again tracking.
How true is this?!?!

Breakfast is usually oatmeal or some turkey bacon with hard boiled eggs (with Franks Red Hot).

My lunches are usually a fruit and some deli meat and low fat cheese roll-ups with Special K Crackers (sometimes I don't do the crackers and eat a Chobani yogurt instead), salads, soups or left overs.

Dinners - anything! I meal plan weekly :) I will have this weeks plan up on the blog soon!

Snacks - fruit, nutritional bars, hummus and veggies

I have to be down 9.1 pounds this diet bet, putting me at 265.3, that is exactly 20 pounds from when I first started Weight Watchers. To be honest, it really excites me to think I can be down 20lbs.  Losing 20lbs is one of my first big goals.

How are things going for you? Any tips?!


  1. That is awesome success in your first week! I am a DietBet virgin and am down 2.2 so far. Keep doing what you are doing!!!

  2. Its pleasure to read your post :)

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