Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday

Welcome to another addition of 5 on Friday. I fell asleep last night at 8:30. It was amazing! I woke up at 6am this morning ready to go. Apparently I needed some rest. I feel like a million dollars today. I am a little bummed I missed Grey's but will catch up on it Saturday while Justin works :) Leave me a comment if you link up on The Good Life Blog. Happy Friday!

 1. We are leaving for the beach in 12 days. I can not wait. Sunshine, 80 degree days, nothing on the agenda but yummy food, fishing for the hubs and relaxation!
All this picture needs in my beach chair.

2. After about a ear of car shopping I finally did it. I got rid of my Jeep and got a new Pilot. So far so good! It is much smoother and much more roomy than my Jeep. Although, I really do/did love my Jeep I am excited for 3rd row, blue tooth and more space!

3.  I need help!! I am having issues trying to figure out the best space for my living room! Anyone have any advice? Any websites or techniques? It is a weirdly shaped  area and I just can't figure out how to make the most room and most seating!

4. My FIL got me an Etsy gift card for Christmas.. I can't find what I want to spend my money on. I have found lots of ideas but nothing speaks the one! What are some of your favs on Etsy right now?

5. Thanks for all of your advice on manicures! I am going next Monday to get mine. I think I have decided on this ... (The first one). I will post pictures when it is done! 


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