Thursday, February 6, 2014

Diet Bet Results

So Diet Bet is over.... and..... drum roll.... I won :) YEAH!!! On Wednesday morning I weighed in at 271.4, a total weight loss of 11.6lbs. I am happy with that. I had a tough week in the middle of the bet but I was able to pull out of it, get my head on straight and really buckle down and lose it.

I will submit my official weigh in pic to diet bet Thursday morning because I just got the word verification email so my official weigh in weight maybe down a little more :)

I honestly have to say that my expectations of Diet Bet have surpassed anything I could imagine. The out pour of support and well wishes has been a HUGE motivator for me.  I was a Diet Bet newbie and now I am hooked! 

Sadly, the weather did not allow me to get active like I hoped. No excuses really on why I didn't use my at home stuff. I hate using equipment to exercise and the motivation the last few weeks to go and do it hasn't been there. I know that I am going to have to really step it up with movement and exercise to keep doing well with the weight loss. But right now I am conquering my food issues, and I am happy to report I am doing so much better with my choices! Tracking and writing down everything I eat has been a huge eye opener. It really has cut out on mindless snacking and junk. 

As far as measurements go (measurements in inches)

Left Thigh - 32.5 - 31 - lost 1.5 inches
Right Thigh 31 - 30  - lost 1 inch
Bust 48 - 47 - lost 1 inch
Waist 49- 48 - lost 1 inch
Left Bicep - 15 - 14 - lost 1 inch
Right Bicep 14.5 - 14 - lost .5 inches

For a total of 6 inches gone! And let's be honest if I would have moved more, I would have lost a lot more!

I don't see a lot of change in my pictures and my close still fit the way the did a few weeks ago, (I wish the grey shirt I wore in the first pictures wasn't MIA - the two grey shirts are literally a size different, so they fit a lot differently) but that isn't discouraging to me! I am losing weight the healthy way and I am doing it the right way.  The scale is moving and  I am happy. I know I will get to celebrate some none scale victories soon enough! Right now I am treasuring my scale victories! 

I have been doing well on Weight Watchers, and I will continue to go to meetings (apparently I do better with support lol) and count points. I also will continue to blog about my weight loss( and I am also going to sign up for another Diet Bet. (If anyone else is going to please email me or leave me a comment and let me know what bet you are starting/joining - I am up for anything!)
I am proud to say my water intake is at least 70 ounces a day. Just in water (not counting fruits, coffee or hot tea). I am not sure if I got 70 ounces in week before Diet Bet. I am also signing up for my first 5k! I am not going to pay money for something and not do it, so I might as well get busy and motivate myself.  I am going to sign up for a May race, hoping the weather breaks in March and I am able to get outside! 

Honestly, I think what has helped more than anything is knowing that I have to check in here every week. Having someone to hold you accountable is huge. Since this is now over, I have asked a friend of mine and my husband to help me stay accountable. And I am asking all of you bloggers to keep checking in, I love hearing from you!  If I could offer any advice to help you get started it would be track everything you eat, up your water and surround yourself with an amazing support system! Thank you for supporting me and helping me lose 6 inches and 11.6lbs in 4 weeks! 


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  2. Congrats 11.6 is HUGE!!! You'r such an inspiration!!

  3. Awesome progress!! Keep up the hard work!

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