Monday, February 24, 2014

Goals and Weigh In

Happy Monday! We had the best weekend with my parents and brother celebrating my Dad's birthday. More on that tomorrow...
Our wonderful weekend ended with Justin and me getting a nasty cold. Luckily, I have off today so I am resting and doing some laundry. Poor Justin was up at 5am and leaving for work shortly after. I am ready for this crud to leave this house!

I did make it to weigh in yesterday, I didn't stay for the meeting because I didn't want to pass my crud to everyone. Drum roll please... I lost 3 pounds. YEAH!!!!  Now, you may remember that last week I gained 4.5lbs, so I am working on losing what I gained back. But, a loss is a loss and I am celebrating!

Last week I started my first weekly goals list - 
1. I did pretty well with the water, I slacked a little over the weekend. I did do Ok on my green tea too -but I could have did better.
2. I did pretty well with this one too. Again, the weekend was a little off, but I am proud of my fruit of veggie intake.
3. I failed. No exercise :( I am really struggling with this. I am not sure if it is because it is dark outside when I get home, the weather has been horrible or what - but I have to start moving. 
4. I kicked butt on this one. Even my cook was impressed. She made my favorite homemade mashed creamy potatoes. I HAD NONE!!! Talk about will power!
5. I also did great here! I packed all my lunches and breakfast. It is much easier to watch my points and what I am eating if I bring it from home. 
6. I did pretty well here, too! I really watched my snacking and if I had to have something - I went for a fruit or a veggie. 
Last weeks goals
1. Drink 72 ounces of water a day
       My trusty water bottle will have to go everywhere with me. I will also have a glass of hot green tea every  morning to help keep things moving and with the water intake!
2. Have a fruit or veggie with every meal and snack.
        I love fruits and veggies, I just have to be mindful and have an option ready to go during the day. 
3. Do 90 minutes of exercise (through out the week)
        It is supposed to be in the 50s towards the end of the week, I hopeful we can get a walk in with the dogs. If not I have the Jillian videos.  
4. Do not eat anything from work
      This is hard. Our cook is amazing and the treats are plentiful. But it isn't worth it. Thin taste so much better. I have to have my healthier treats and options ready just in case the mood for something sweet happens. 
5. Pack all my breakfast and lunches
     Be prepared the night before. Simple. 
6. No mindless late night snacking
      If I want to save points for a nightly snack I need to make sure it has a fruit or veggie and is low in points. No more snacks, just because. 

So this brings me to next this week's goals...
1. Water, keep the 72 ounces intake daily.
2. Drink two Green Tea's a day
3. Write down everything I eat, drink or taste. 
4. Eat nothing from work
5. Get moving. Let's try smaller - let's do 30 minutes this week.

These goals may seem silly to you, and they maybe. But it is working. Taking each week, week by week is really helping me. Are you setting goals? Tell me about them if you are!


  1. It doesn't matter if your goals seem silly to others. They aren't THEIR goals! :-) You look like you have a great list going! I might have to "borrow" a few on your list on my quest for health!


    1. Julia - Good luck on your quest! Borrow away and let me know what some of your goals are! I am looking for ways everyday to make my quest better :)

    2. I've been enjoying reading your blog today! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love that you are setting weekly goals. Goals are kind of "my thing" over at my blog. I'm trying to write down all my food, too, but I'm super bad at it! I recently started a "Shaping Up For Summer" link-up, which will run every Saturday through May, and I would LOVE it if you wanted to link up your fitness posts. Hope to see you there!

    1. Count me in Megan! I am reading your blog now and love it! Thanks for coming over! I am looking forward to linking up!

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