Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quick Notes

Things are very busy at work but I wanted to check in - please excuse the bullets but this is the fastest and easiest way to recap y'all

1. Diet Bet - It is over.. Not keeping anyone in suspense but SkinnyMeg will be posting our official results tomorrow.  I will post them when she post them :)

2. Biggest Loser. I will not spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it yet. But what were your thoughts on Rachel. Personally, I thought she looked a little to thin. She looked great when she left the Ranch and I think she got a little carried away once she went home. Her arms, her face... It just isn't healthy.

3. Snow. Oh my goodness, the snow. It is finally just raining here today, but tonight they are calling for more snow! Luckily we have made it to work safely everyday so far and haven't had any major issues. I am thankful for 4wd and a husband that gets the best snow tires every year. (After the sticker shock wears off, lol).

4. Welcome! I have had a lot of new readers this week leave me awesome messages and the sweetest emails! I am working on a way for you to get my post via email for those who asked. That is my goal this week is to get an email feed up and running!

5. Meal Planning. This week has been a bit tricky. I have made meals, but because of snow days, getting help up at PTA meeting till 8 and company - dinners haven't got as planned. But I have counted every single thing and am happy to report I stayed on track!

6.  Water intake is going well. I finally feel hydrated - I can't believe how much water makes a difference in how I feel daily. I have some new weekly goals I am going to be posting on Friday. I am going to start doing two week goals and seeing how they work. Stay tuned :)

7. How are you?! What is going on with your weight, weigh-ins and goals? Leave me a  comment and let me know!


  1. I have enjoyed coming across your blog! I too am on a similar journey which is why I love following along! I have been a lover if the biggest loser for years, so sad to see rachel at that low of a weight. Money and the public eye can be two dangerous motivators, I hope she finds a happy, healthy middle ground. -Kali

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